Ace Cafe London 2013

With a somewhat ‘dodgy’ weather forecast (rain from 13.00) the day before, Sue and I decided to buy an additional Gazebo for the raffle prizes. The day started with blues skies but soon enough some big dark clouds appeared as we made our way up the M40 on-route to London. Our plan was to get everything in place by 10.00 and then grab a well-earned coffee and bacon sarnie.

Bang on queue our first Figaro arrived followed by Dens ‘Baby Girl’ and a mixture of classic and custom colours. By 11.00 we had 44 and with our Marshal kept busy trying to squeeze everyone in the car park was starting to look… well busy! By 11.45 we had 73 Figaro’s in total. Unfortunately we couldn’t fit everyone in so a few had to park on the road! Sorry!!

Simon from ‘The Figaro Doctor’ and Toby and his team from ‘The Figaro Shop’ were kept busy throughout the day working on cars and advising owners on a whole range of issues. At 13.00 I took position for the ‘group shot’ by climbing the lamp post (well almost) as everyone waved at the camera.

Before we knew it, it was time to call the raffle and awards. With some fantastic prizes on offer (thanks to Clarion Services, The Figaro Shop, Auto-Link, Speed Registrations, European Trimming & The Figaro Owners Club) we raised a whopping £496 for CLIC Sargent Charity.

And the winners where…

So now it was time to announce the winners of our car competition.

Furthest Travelled
J54 UND/Gwen Bundfuss /351 Kms

Longest Owned
H59 BGF/Vic Taylor /10 Years and 2 Months

Best Custom Colour
Y271 HGK/Belinda Wanless

Best Classic Colour
H752 KYD/Andy & Trish Hennell

Thanks again to everyone who attended and supported the event enjoy the pictures…