Service Kit

The club works with Autolink UK who have put together a kit of parts which are perfect if you are planning on going on a long trip and contains Oil, Air & Fuel Filters (quality, Japanese parts) & Denso or NGK (both used by Nissan) Spark Plugs.

This Service kit, contains sump plug washer (the proper Nissan type), Oil, Air & Fuel Filters (quality, Japanese parts) & Denso or NGK (both used by Nissan) Spark Plugs.

How to fit?
The easiest way is to warm up the engine to running temperature. Drive the car onto a set of ramps. Slide under the car and loosen the sump plug, put as drain pan under the plug and unscrew it, letting the oil go into the pan, refasten the sump plug using a new washer.

Oil Filter
Unscrew the oil filter and catch any oil in the pan. Put a small amount of new oil on the new filter oil seal and fit the new filter using the new filter oil seal. Tighten by hand until tight and then give it an extra turn if possible. Refill the sump through the oil filler cap in the engine bay , making sure not to overfill, checking the level.Start the engine until the oil warning light goes out. Let the car run back off the ramps and then check the oil level with the car on a level piece of ground. and top up if necessary.

Fitting the new Spark Plugs
Unscrew the spark plugs and refit new ones after checking the gap is 1.0 mm or 1.1mm. Note, you may have to move the turbo pipe to get to No.4 plug.

Fitting Air Filter
To fit the air filter, loosen the 4 screws holding on the filter cover, remove the old air filter and fit the new one making sure that it is fitted the correct way up and re-fix the cover, making sure that the screws are tight.

Fitting the new Fuel Filter
To change the fuel filter it makes it easier if you remove the air filter pipe from the air filter box to the air box. Carefully unfasten the two jubilee clips on either side of the fuel filter and slide the pipes off the filter. Replace with the new filter, re-attach the pipes and fasten the two jubilee clips again. Don’t forget to re-attach the air filter pipes.

Price – £18.52 + Delivery

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