Patrick Light

Club member Pat Light sent in these pictures following some extensive cleaning. He spent 3 days on his Figaro hand painting his grill and polishing ‘Hattie’ within an inch of her life!


Day 1

I bought a load of Meguiars cleaning products, Ultimate wash and wax, quick detailer clay bar, Ultimate compound, ultimate liquid wax, cleaner wax and Carnauba plus liquid wax. I firstly gave her a wash with the ultimate wash and wax which was brilliant and smelt lovely. Then dried her and gave her a clay bar clean with the quick detailer which was a very laborious job but so well worth doing.

Day 2

I then went over the whole car with an electric car polisher with the ultimate compound which gave great results and took out all of the swirl marks and also did all the chrome with the cleaner wax, she is now starting to look so good.

Day 3

I went all over the car with the ultimate liquid wax using a small sponge applicator  and letting dry and then buffing off with a microfibre cloth.


I then decided to remove the front grill and spray it black as it was looking very faded against the now very shiny Hattie, I used black engine enamel and gave it several coats, once back in place I decided to paint the pimples on the grill in silver so I used a cotton ear bud and dipped into silver paint and dabbed each one. I then went over the car again with the Carnauba plus liquid wax to give it the final polish.

I am so pleased with the results, it was hard work but so worth it, I think the last time she looked this good was 26 years ago.!!

Patrick Light and Hattie.