Insurance Valuations

To guarantee that your Figaro is properly insured it is important to get it valued. This will not only ensure that you are completely covered should the worst happen, it could also save you money in the process. As the Official Nissan Figaro Owners Club we are authorised by Insurance Companies to provide a TWO YEAR INSURANCE VALUATION CERTIFICATE for your Nissan Figaro.

Obtaining a valuation can be time consuming so we tried to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.


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In order to simplify the process of describing the condition of your vehicle, we have provided 5 options to select on the form below.

    Perfectly restored or immaculately preserved in its original condition (no custom paint) with no further work necessary.
    Genuinely excellent, in total original or restored condition and with a real potential, pending slight improvements, to reach the level ‘Concours’.
    Regular quality but without the potential to be ‘Concours’ standard. Free from any significant faults though lacking history and/or originality.
    Reliable and holding a current MOT Certificate but would benefit from some attention
    Usable but in need of major work

The application process involves 2 simple steps

Step 1

Email a minimum of 6 good quality pictures of your car including both sides, front, rear, internal cabin, rear seats as a minimum. If the file size is over 10Mb we recommend using WeTransfer (free) as this means large format files can be handled.

Note: Enter sales@figaroownersclub in ‘Email to’ Field

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Step 2

Please complete our Online Agreed Insurance Valuation Form.

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