Gillian Warnell

Odd, quirky, different – but enough about me what about my car?

They say owners can look like their pets (Sharon in Eastenders and Roly anybody?) but can a car adequately represent them and their personality? Well there certainly is an argument to say so given the tasteless and brash nature of the average Premier League footballer and the vehicle he drives, but surely there’s also a car for nice people. Well ladies and gentlemen I give you the Nissan Figaro.

This little beauty defies expectations with the average man in the street often declaring how he remembers his uncle having one in the 1960’s, despite the fact they were all built in 1991. It’s a pretty thing and a head turner too, unless you are in France where a casual glance and a shrug is the order of the day. This 1 litre automatic is a joy to be in, ok not as comfortable as a more modern car but simply easy to drive and as speeding is difficult with a small engine it’s strangely relaxing too. Traffic jam? No problem, I can wait. What’s the hurry when you drive a Figaro?

Despite its age it still has all the mod cons that I need such as cd/radio and electric windows and when that sun does finally appear I can take my top off without getting arrested. I always gear the purchase of my Xmas tree to coincide with a dry day in December as you can see on the attached photo.

Odd, quirky, different – what’s not to like?