FigFest 2011

Over the weekend of the 9th and 10th of July 2011 Figaro owners from all over the UK descended on Great Yarmouth to attend a fantastic weekend of 100% pure Figaro fun! The club want to say a massive thanks to Paul, Laura (and little Billy!) and the rest of his team for putting on this event.

Well what another fantastic year for the figfest team and all the lovely people that came. Me laura and little billy arrived to set up camp on the thursday evening dodging the rain whilst setting up camp for the weekend ahead. After a lovely nights sleep in our 1970’s tent and a quick breakfast bite it was time to prepare the figfest camp in the now glorious sunshine.

Because of the lack of promotion on my part (hands full most of the time with our little baby) i was worried people might not come but in the end how wrong i was , our friday night bb que was fantastic and everyone soon made new friends!

Everyone helped each other put there tents up and  everyone was up for a good time. Saturday arrived and after a hot shower, yes you heard that right, we finally got showers on site for the first time. The morning air was filled with the smell of bacon and the sun shone down on us. Loads of arrivals throughout the day and a few old faces arrived as well. in the afternoon people battled to win popmaster and the general knowledge quiz in order to win the top prize of a packet of fig rolls.after the quizes there was a rare performance by the figetmenots. People returned to light up there bb ques , have a quick sun bath and prepare there fancy dress for the evening. Evening arrived and what can i say the fancy dress yet again was unbeleivable . All off to the clubhouse and what a reception we got. abba tribute was good and the night was danced away.

Back to base and most of us wanted to stay up and enjoy each others company. Sunday arrived, scourching sun again and so did more cars for the convoy. our lovely brian took loads of photo’s of the cars and we set off.

The run was fantastic and i always get a bit choked up and such a buzz at seeing so many people and cars come together and seeing everyones smiles.plenty of hooting along the main drag of yarmouth . Back to camp and time to set up the raffle witch raised £340 for cystic fybrosis in memory of my dear freind marc prosser who died to young of this terrible thing. thank you all for your support and genirosity. Loads of smily faces as people collected there prizes and then on to the medals for best cars . then the time came around again to soon to wave goodbye  to a lot of suntanned people and all that was left was the people draining every last drop from the weekend. Another drink , a quick, very quick dip in the freezing cold pool and off to dinner in the pub down the road.

Now none of us had tryed this pub and it was the only one we could find locally and they kept
the chef on 2 hours past his time for us. the food was fantastic – normal pub food but everything was so tender richard my figfest partner who would live on fish and chips if he could had – guess what – fish and chips but the fish was kept secret and was unlike anything he’d had before. would highly recomend this pub to anyone next year.

Monday morning came, sunshine again and we packed away the last bits , I ran my dear mate brian to the station for his long trek back to scotland and on his recomendation just before we went home we went to eileens in caister for breakfast. thanks for telling us not to have the g breakfast brian as the normal breakfast was big enough and fantastic. and that was it we troted off home with a mixture of emotions from sadness that it was all over to a feeling of such happiness for bringing people together and also remembering my freind marc.  till next year, lets raise a glass to marc and all you lot for making it such a great weekend.  i’ll try to be my organised self  next year. cheers and god bless you all. Paul , richard , our lovely other halfs laura and chris and the star of the weekend little billy.