FigFest 2010

Huge thanks to Paul, Laura, Richard and Chris for putting together a truly wonderful festival. In the words of member and FigFest organiser Sir Paul (With a few spelling corrections by me Ed)

“Well here i am on a Monday morning wondering where the weekend went to. I know I’m bias but of all the fig meets I’ve been to over the last 6 years this has to be the best meet I’ve been to, with the loveliest people and the best weather.

Our story begins on a scorching Thursday when brave Sir Paul and Princess Laura loaded up the chariots to travel across distant lands to Yarmouth to meet up with Sir Richard and Princess Chris.  After a day of battling with the evil marquee and building numerous shelters Sir Paul and Sir Richard returned to the castle where the princess’s had prepared a hearty banquet and goblets of wine and ale were passed around before they all went to their quarters to dream of the conquest that lie ahead of them.

Friday morning as the sun was rising the two princesses’ roasted a pig with fresh bread, whilst Sir Paul and Sir Richard planned their attack.  At mid day two chariots head off in different directions to face the challenges that lay ahead of them.  Sir Paul and Princess Laura arrived at Fritton Lake to be greeted by a gleaming white chariot that had travelled many miles to join in the festivities that were yet to come.  Later in the afternoon Sir Paul and Sir Richard had to travel many miles to seek out a so called box that supplies something called ‘electrickery’ that would help the minstrels with their music.  On conquering yet another conquest they returned to Fritton where loads of other chariots were busy making shelters for the nights ahead. As the moon appeared fires were lit and hogs were roasted as we sang along to minstrels and watched the stunning stars in the Norfolk skies before all returning to our shelters to prepare for more festivities tomorrow

As the Saturday sun rose people feasted on more food and swapped tales of previous conquests.  In the morning minstrels called ‘The Figetmenots’ sang songs about love and towns full of malice,  people travelled to markets to grab bargains, joined together to answer questions on pop culture and general knowledge. Barbeque smoke filled the air as the sun heated up the day.  In the evening more minstrels called ‘The Carnabies’ arrived in many chariots and Sir Andy Saggers brought black seven inch disc’s that proved to be very pleasing to the ears and feet.  People dressed in funny costumes, drank more ale and danced the night away.  Darkness came too soon and people returned to their shelters.

As the Sunday sun rose chariots lined up, ready to seek out new sights and lands. Once lined up the first chariot began to move along the bendy, twisting highways.  The sun beat down as all the chariots travelled along the shoreline attracting attention from people from other lands.  When we returned to camp festivities continued and gifts were given to people with the best chariots and people who purchased special tickets. Alas by late afternoon chariots began returning to the lands from where they come from.  The chariots that were left headed for the local inn for more ale and food.

Highlights of the weekend
Tears from Misty Meg after a kind soul gave her his winning ticket in the raffle.
Serenading Thelma and Louise from our camper.
The Carnabies.
All the beautiful people.
Brian – top man,
The glorious weather.
The love and fun all around for the weekend.

Best camper – scooby and Laura.
Best Mini – mini mouse.
Best Scooter – push scooter – thelma and louise.
Best Lapis Grey Figaro – Iggy.
Best Emerald Green Figaro – Graham- Lovett.
Best Topaz Figaro – Les – Figetmenot.
Car of the show – Graham

Sir Paul and Sir Richard would like to thank you all for coming and thank all the people who donated prizes and yourselves for making this such a stunning weekend.  Hope to see you all next year. Paul