Dave Sands

Dave Sands 3,835km Adventure

Dave takes up the story… “The rally started in Contrexeville France and finished in Parma Italy after visiting Germany and Switzerland we covered a total of 3543 miles in 16 days. We returned via Nice instead of direct. We had no trouble at all with the car although the journey involved a number of long steep twisting mountain passes and some fast motorway driving.

I have a new respect for this little car – in France we cruised for hours at 70 and 80 mph even occasionally 90mph! on their lovely empty motorways.

The Figaro was the smallest car in the event although there was a Morris Minor this had been up rated to 1300 and had disc brakes .The event included racing tracks – I tried only one – those corners come up fast and after causing the wheels to squeal I didn’t try it again in case I rolled the car. The next thing I would like to see is Figaro racing!

I think many of the other entries were surprised at the performance of what they regarded as a city car especially when we overtook one of our Ferraris on an Italian Autostrada at 90mph. Of course we are planning to participate again next year.

Brit Assist accompany the cars and sort out any mechanical problems, soon after we started one of these people said “You won’t be needing us”