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As a club we love nothing more than to publish our members’ stories and adventures in their figs.

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Belinda Wanless

I first met the Figaro in 2006 when I happened to catch a bit of ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’ on TV.  I had a little bronze Fiat Punto at the time… just and A to B car….and there on the TV was something far more interesting and exciting. By March… Read More
Published on 30th March 2017

Carolyn Lachecki

I first saw a pink fig a couple of years ago and, like the rest of us, desperately researched all I could about the car and its history, never really thought I would have one though until earlier this year my husband gave me a surprise wedding anniversary gift of…a… Read More

Chris Towers

Figaro competing on a National Classic Car Rally – Tour Britannia in 2009 My wife and I bought this Figaro as a present for our elder daughter in 2005. It had just been imported by a company in North Yorkshire. When she got married and moved abroad, she wanted to… Read More

Dave Sands

Dave Sands 3,835km Adventure Dave takes up the story… “The rally started in Contrexeville France and finished in Parma Italy after visiting Germany and Switzerland we covered a total of 3543 miles in 16 days. We returned via Nice instead of direct. We had no trouble at all with the… Read More

Glen Smith

This car is one of my private collection, having only covered three thousand miles from new the car was already in tip top condition. I think it was a grade 5A, but like all the others in my collection it was stripped down to a rolling shell and thoroughly detailed… Read More

Gordon Bishton

Gordon’s story: “I bought my fig in 2005 she only had 56,000km on the clock.I am the first reg. owner in the UK.She is only used on dry days.The pictures were taken on a trip to Southport Merseyside,it was a good day out and very hot. She is very genuine… Read More

Graham Foulston

Congratulations to Graham Foulston and his Figaro ‘Ting Tong’. The car is a stunning example and brimming with gadgets and technology! Graham’s story – I bought my car privately in September 2008 and worked on the looks and the mechanics since then. I’ve bought many of the original factory accessories… Read More

Jane Ellison-Bates

Double trophy triumph When Jane Ellison-Bates joined her local classic car club with her yellow Figgy, Suzanna, she certainly did not expect to be collecting two trophies in their annual awards. The Yorkshire club, Craven Old Wheels, is currently celebrating its 40th year and has over 200 members with… Read More

Jeff Elson

US Member Jeff Elson commissioned The Figaro Shop to create this wonderful example. The stunning example has a mere 4,800 km or 2,983 miles and being one of only 2,000 made in the Topaz Mist shade makes this car a very special find, possibly the rarest Figaro remaining. The… Read More
Published on 15th November 2017

Jill Stephens & Ian Mckeen

Jill’s Figgy Rosalita, an epic story of blood, sweat, tears and a very racy love affair with a 26 year old. It was in the winter of 2007. The winter of discontent you might say. We were sat in a local pub when Jill looked out of the window and… Read More
Published on 19th June 2017

Kelly Southgate

A Figaro like no other! As you can probably tell from the photographs I am a Figaro super fan. My love affair began very many years ago and I bought my first Figaro in January 2004. Loved that car the minute I bought it, I even had it re-sprayed entirely… Read More

Lorraine Horne

Joining the Fig Family I’m a newby!  Having admired Figaro’s from afar and gone potty waving like a lunatic every time I saw one, I finally became the very proud owner of a Topas Mist Figaro – Winnie in November 2014. I did do my homework though, as to have… Read More
Published on 15th June 2017

Mandy Hall

I teach High School Students on the Sunny Coast of Western Australia with my husband, Chris, and 10 year old daughter, Sophie. When I went away for a weekend crafting retreat in a Western Australian country town in September 2016  I had never heard of, or seen, a Figaro. When… Read More
Published on 17th June 2017

Michael Zeier

Michael took his car ‘Shoki’ to Bildhauspark, Shallodenbach (in Germany) for a photo-shoot by Christian Krueger. Read More

Miles Matulions

My 194 km Figaro My search for a Fig began last fall when just by chance I happened to see a cute Lapiz Grey Fig driving towards me. Just by chance the owner happened to pull up right beside me when I was stopped at a red light. So I… Read More

Peter Warnell

Every year I buy my wife a Figaro calendar at Christmas as a stocking filler and ever since her first one it’s been her ambition to get a photo of her beloved car into one. Hence whenever we’re out somewhere vaguely picturesque out comes the camera… Read More
Published on 3rd September 2017

Peter Worrell

A road trip from Norfolk, UK to Schaffhausen, Switzerland – 4th June 2017. What do a group of woodwind instrument makers do when they want to go on a trip? They visit other instrument makers! An invitation from Kung recorder makers was made last year when 2 of the makers… Read More
Published on 12th August 2017

Sharon Rudnick

My name is Sharon and I am a new Figaro owner, living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I purchased my Figaro (emerald green) in Southern California from another Figaro enthusiast Mitch Braiman, proud owner of ‘Mr. Figgy’ (Lapis Grey), in May of 2017. My sister-in-law, Dydia Delyser,… Read More
Published on 31st July 2017

Zoe & Steve Marciniak

From Sheffield To Île-de-Ré  in a Figaro With a French map to hand Members Zoe & Steve Marciniak (plus son Feliks) set off on 1200 mile adventure to relish the slower pace of life on offer. Another grey February morning finds the Fig is sat outside on the drive looking… Read More