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Figgyworld – Our quarterly online magazine is exclusive to our members and includes but not limited to Feature Stories, Figaro Masterclass, Owner Workshop, Members Gallery, Events, Member Discounts and a comprehensive Suppliers Directory can be read online, download and most importantly printed for future reference. The publication also features the latest ‘page turning’ display allowing it to be read using a tablet.

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The club is always on the lookout for stories about you and your Figar0! Maybe you’ve restored your car, been on an adventure or have just brought one.  We love publishing these so get in touch Click here

Figgyworld September 2017/Iss 11

Published: 1st Sept 2017 Issue No: 11 Contents:  This 60 page (11thedition) includes three events, two technical help articles, member stories, new discount codes, events updates, members gallery, figgyworld archive and much more… Thanks again… Toby Brooks, Simon Smith, Dave Eve,… Read More
Published on 1st September 2017

Figgyworld June 2017/Iss 10

Published: 22nd June 2017 Issue No: 10 Contents: Published: 23rd June 2017 this 10th edition includes a bumper ‘24 pages’ on our amazing Yorkshire Dales adventure! In addition, we include the Holland & Dorset 2017 Rallies, a very low mileage Figaro, an Irish adventure, lots of members stories &… Read More
Published on 22nd June 2017

Figgyworld March 2017/Iss 9

Published: 1st March 2017 Issue No: 9 Contents: This edition include contributions from Toby Brooks, Simon Smith, Tracy Hill, Patrick & Valerie Dutriewicz, Belinda Wanless, Rob Janssen, Ursula Pressmar, Ann Wardrop, Steve Marciniak, Stuart Cleverley, Mary Simcox, Mandy Hall, Tina Taylor, Nazzareno Calandriello, Sharon & Chris Foulkes, Dubravka… Read More
Published on 1st March 2017

Figgyworld Dec 2016/Iss 8

Published: 1st December 2016 Issue No: 8 Contents: Magazine includes a number of interesting member stories, a report from the NEC Classic Motor Show, Christmas must-haves, owner workshop (how to fix a distributor leak), Figaro masterclass (painting the Figaro), member gallery, events calendar, member discount codes, chapter information… Read More

Figgyworld Oct 2016/Iss 7

Published: 1st October 2016 Issue No: 7 Contents: Our latest club magazine includes the full story of our Belgium Figaro Rally 2016, Tips for European Touring, Living the dream article, Member Stories, Owners Workshop (fitting a battery isolator), Figaro Masterclass (changing disc brakes), Members Gallery, Events Calendar, Member… Read More

Figgyworld July 2016/Iss 6

Published: 1st July 2016 Issue No: 6 Contents: Our latest club magazine includes the full story of our wonderful 25 Birthday celebrations, Member Stories, Owners Workshop (adjusting your tappets), Figaro Masterclass (detecting leaks), Members Gallery, Events Calendar, Member Discount Codes and Archive Downloads… Read your online copy today… Read More

Figgyworld March 2016/Iss 5

Published: 1st March 2016 Issue No: 5 Contents: Member Profile: Member Janet Penton sent in this story penned by her ‘little happy car’  – Poets’ Corner: Member Ian Martin shares another figgy poem – Why I Love my Figaro: A new series allows our members to share… Read More

Figgyworld Dec 2015/Iss 4

Published: 1st December 2016 Issue No: 4 Contents: Happy Birthday Member Story – Dear Santa Xmas Offers – California Dreaming (US Member Story) – Santa Saves the Day (Xmas Poem) – Member Profile – Windscreen Nightmare Member Story – Figgie on a Roll Member Story – Members Gallery… Read More

Figgyworld Sept 2015/Iss 3

Published: 1st September 2016 Issue No: 3 Contents: My dream car is Sarah Janes Car! ~ From Sheffield to Ile-de-Re in Figaro ~ Events Calender ~ Shelley Heighton-Towers ~ Cover Story Interview ~ Owner Workshop – Heater Repair ~ Nissan Figaro 25th Birthday Party ~ Figaro Masterclass on… Read More

Figgyworld June 2015/Iss 2

Published: 1st June 2016 Issue No: 2 Contents: A Figaro Like No Other  ~ The Big Interview ~ Events Calendar ~ Cover Story Interview ~ Owner Workshop on Rocker Shaft Information ~ Nissan Figaro 25th Birthday Party ~ Figaro Masterclass on Painting ~ Nitrogen – Is it all… Read More

Figgyworld March 2015/Iss 1

Published: 1st March 2016 Issue No: 1 Contents: The Prefect Wedding Car ~ Getting Ready for Scotland ~ Kevin & Ruth Costello Cover Story ~ Events Calendar ~ Members Gallery ~ Owner Workshop on Coolant System & Hoses ~ Rocking at Rockingham ~ Figaro Masterclass on Rust  ~… Read More