Alan & Sheen Harvey

Figaros make us smile. Occasionally seeing one in London, and smiling despite being in yet another traffic jam, led us to buy ours 10 years ago. In 2005, UK imports weren’t common but we found a private seller an hour’s drive away, and a proper look at the car’s special features and beautiful styling sealed the deal.

Those attributes make our Figgie a joy to own – the engineering in the soft-top, comfort of the leather seats, convenience of the air con, electric windows and automatic transmission, quirky choice of the four seasons for the original body colours (ours is winter), the little bit of oomph from the turbo and the fact that such a bijou retro package can keep up with the big boys on the motorway.

But when we first saw the fine detail of the Figaro fleur-de-lis emblem echoed throughout the car, on switches and trim, on the running boards, embossing the carpets, that’s when we appreciated the design thought that went into its creation, and really fell in love.

We still smile and get a frisson of pure pleasure every time we get our Figgie out of the garage. It’s a happy car and that’s why we love it!