Wiper Restoration

A simple job that required just a 12mm spanner and can of spray paint!

To remove, simply pull the black plastic clip up to exposing the 12mm Nut. Using a socket set remove the nut. Now pull the wiper up and give it wiggle to remove. You will notice that one arm is longer than the other. Make a mental note of the order when you refit them. Now move to an area to prepare and paint. If you have an original wiper blade it will have ‘Nissan’ marked on the blade. Remove this by pressing the black clip and pulling the blade away from the arm.

Replacing the Arms

Inspect the condition of the rubber on the arms. If it’s in a poor condition and parts of the rubber missing then we recommend replacing the wiper for a new set. The Figaro Shop can provide these – Click here

If you wish to keep the original Nissan wiper arm, you can just remove the rubber by carefully bending the retaining clips and sliding the rubber out. Halfords (UK) sell these strips in long lengths which is much cheaper, but you will need to cut to length. GOOD TIP! Take the rubber with you before you go to ensure you get the correct profile!

If the rubber is in good order take all the items to a dry warm area to prepare for painting. The original parts were manufactured from Stainless Steel and painted using a black enamel paint with no undercoat. So to prepare, simply mask the rubber on the wiper, remove any flaking paint by using 1,500 wet & dry paper, degrease with thinners and respray using a number of light coats of Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint Smooth Black . Leave to dry for 24 hours and re-assemble and refit.

A quick little job that can make your car look great!

Pictures below show the steps taken to upgrade 2 sets

Published on 28th October 2017