Here are a few of our members comments…

“I would just like to say how great the club is and has proved to be a fantastic source of invaluable information Melissa

“Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, I’m planning on renewing for another year as I’ve found the Club to be very helpful indeed. I’ve used lots of info to rebuild my engine, replace turbo…. If only I’d read the buyer guide before buying. I’m no bodywork expert and this lovely wet weather and coincidental snow in winter, since I bought the car hasn’t helped…  I should be sorting my renewal out soon” Clive

“I would just like to take the opportunity to thank you for all the work you do to make this a great club to be a member of. I am not a chatty soul and I don’t contribute to the forum but I would be entirely lost without it. I find the information you provide on the club site invaluable. You have made the two years I have owned my Figaro so much easier than it could have been” Ariane

“The Figaro Owners Club is a fantastic place to belong to.  If only all car clubs and forums had such a rounded, integrated attitude! Truly the internet at its best” Carolyn

“I always look forward to the Figaro newsletters and wanted you to know how impressive they are.  Mind you, I’m absolutely gutted not to have been on the Jersey trip – it looked amazing and great fun.  Truth be told, my husband and I have a small fleet of historic vehicles which we are passionate about and are active with their clubs.  As our figgie “Amaya” (Japanese for night rain), is our daily runner we don’t participate in the fig club like we should.  I feel a bit ashamed of this!  Time always seems to be the issue and we are always juggling the weekends to fit in club events.  So, the question is, are you organising this for Jersey again next year?  If so we will DEFINITELY go. Back to the newsletter for a minute – I proofread for the Sunbeam Alpine mag (the Horn) and we receive printed copies from the SHVPS too, but I have to say that yours is by the far the best” Karen

“The car is a means to meet up with people and after all a club is about it’s members. The Figaro Owners Club is not just a club but in my opinion it is like an extended family of like minded people” Brian

“As member I got a great quote from Classicline Insurance today and saved over £200 so well pleased” Maggi

“I am new to the club and to owning a Figaro, but i just wanted to say Classicline are great, friendly and the best price by a mile on my insurance, it has been a pleasure to deal with them and i would highly recommend them and the club” Tyler

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