Seat Gap Filler

We think this is a nifty little product, so decided to include it in our Accessories Listings. The product was found at the NEC Classic Motor Show 2017.

The tale of Kevin and his inflatable sausage…

Picture the scene:  the Classic Car Show 2017 at Birmingham’s NEC. Serious Figgy promotion going on with members of the Figaro Owner’s Club, plus Toby and his crew from the Figaro Shop telling the Figaro story to hundreds of interested visitors.

Kevin, our esteemed leader, needs some down time and fancies seeing what the show has to offer to a car enthusiast with a bit of spare change in his pocket.

Over to Kevin to tell it in his own words… 

“It’s the last stroll of the last day and a particular stand catches my eye. Now, anyone familiar with TV’s ‘Dragon’s Den’ will have seen the zany inventors confronting the dragons with a ‘eureka moment’ product that clearly came to them in the middle of the night. I found a man called John England who had designed an answer to the problem you never knew you had: The Cabung.

John explained that the idea was that you slide the Cabung, an ‘un-inflated’ sausage with a leather jacket, in the gap between the front seats and the middle console where, he said, you invariably drop valuable items.  Once inflated, the gap is filled and hey presto – your precious objects no longer end up out of reach.

Now, I am unsure at this point whether I am suffering from ‘show melt-down’ but… I liked it! I thought it would make a great addition to ‘Belle’ if only I could match the leather seat colour. So, off I went, back to our stand to find something from the Figgy cabin to take back to ensure the correct colour match.

What would do? I looked inside Alan’s Figaro and noticed the cigarette lighter and its little plastic cover. “Er, Alan, can I borrow your knob to colour-match it to an inflatable sausage?”  I asked.

Alan said I should take a seat. I could see in his face that he was worried about my mental state. 

“No, it’s a brilliant idea. Believe me, I’ve found a product that will revolutionise our Figgy lives!” I cried. And before he could stop me, I’d had it away with his knob and was on my way back to the Cabung stand. 

The colour of Alan’s knob, according to John, was the same as the Cabung he’d designed for the Land Rover Discovery, so I purchased not one, but two sausages and returned to our stand, eager to try them out. 

Fantastic! They did what John said they would. I put the inflatable sausage in the leather sleeve, ran it into the gap and pumped it up. A fortune in coins no longer fell down the hole, pens bounced off its inflated dome, sweeties could be retrieved before they turned into sticky messes.

I started to show my sausage off to my fellow exhibitors. Strangely, they didn’t share my enthusiasm. In fact, they laughed like drains. Toby managed to ask if they offered refunds but Paul was rolling around too much to even comment.  

Oh well, never mind, maybe Sue would like an inflated sausage for Christmas. Just so long as she doesn’t ask to see Alan’s knob”

Ho, ho, ho… 

Note: We have requested that the manufacturer print ‘FIGARO’ in place of CABUNG and are awaiting a response?

Prices start at 19.99 each and you can buy the Cabung – Click here

Published on 18th November 2017