Seat (Foam Insertion) Video

With your Figaro now over 25 chances are your seats may not be offering the support you need?

We had the same issue and having now investigated the problem its easy to see why. It’s simply the lack of foam used between your bottom and the supporting steel springs. This means you end up seating much lower in the car than you should!

The Solution
If you remove the seats and place them upside down all is revealed. Under the supporting springs there is moulded foam which due to its age is now heavily compressed offering very little in the way of comfort or support.There are several options here, you could replace the foam but we choose to leave this in place and simply insert additional foam as another layer, held in place by the springs.

Parts Required
We ordered a cut-off of 1,000mm x 500mm x 25mm seat foam from the internet for around £12 (will do both front seats). Be careful not go to cheap as it needs to have good density and this is what makes it a bit more expensive.

As an option you can also insert a carpet tile to provide even more support.

It’s a simple job which only needs a few basic tools and is well worth the end result… Kevin

Watch my Video

Work in progress pictures