Rust Protection

If you drive your Figaro all-year-round we highly recommend you get it treated with Waxoyl or an equivalent product. The original design of the car with its deep cavities is an ideal  breeding ground for rust especially in areas along the under door seals. In cold conditions salt is applied on roads which ends up deep inside the cars body. Waxoyl which is a flexible weatherproof skin helps prevent corrosion.

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We asked Toby Brooks from ‘The Figaro Shop’ about the service they provide
“Having Waxoyl treated and cavity sealed hundreds of Figaros we know exactly where the best places are to apply this protective treatment. Done well this process will prolong your Fig’s life and value. Although its generally recommended to thoroughly Waxoyl the floors and sills on your Figgy we believe that the main area for problems is inside the cavities. You don’t often see a Figaro rusting in the middle of a panel. It’s the double skinned panel assembly that tends to be the worst especially when it gets a knock or bump and rubs. In some areas this actually encourages rust by creating a small air tight cavity. The only way to get to these areas is by knowing which panels to strip off for access and having the right tools to do the job correctly”

This service now has 3 options to choose from which  are :
·         Box Sections Only- £75+Vat
·         Minor- £137.50+Vat
·         Extensive Upgrade- £300+Vat

How to order
Contact The Figaro Shop, Rich’s Sidings, Lower Broadway, Didcot, OX118AG.
Phone : 0800 917 3119 ~ Mobile: +44 (0)7515 284917 ~ +44 (0)1235 812511

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