Rear Lamp/Light (re-chroming)

If you you take a close look at your rear light surrounds, chances are, the shine may have dulled over time and in some cases pealing of the chrome coating would have occurred.

This is an age old problem and up until now the only solution was to live with it, paint it (usually white) or buy a new one (no longer available). However, it now looks like The Figaro Shop may have found a supplier who can achieve a good level of re-chroming the plastic coating.

They can now offer a replacement service, where you remove and return them and they supply a fully refurbished units.

These lamps have been fully stripped and then re-coated. They are re finished originals cups with used lenses.

Toby Brooks confirmed ‘Having spent over a year researching the best refinishing techniques for chromed plastic parts, we have settled on this current method. The finish is not quite as smooth as chrome plating but still looks fantastic and has been protected using a hard wearing clear lacquer to give the best long lasting finish

NOTE: The units are not supplied with the rubber gasket or bulb holder. You will need to remove this parts from your lights before you return them. These are an exchange item, surcharge refunded once we receive the old units back. (£20 refund per item)

Sold on Exchange Basis so you will need to remove and send your off before or after supply

£66£86.00 (Individual Units) Order from The Figaro Shop BUY NOW

£250£300.00 (Set of 4) Order from The Figaro Shop BUY NOW

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Watch our Video on how to remove, prepare for re-chroming and re-install the lights
For those owners looking to create a Category I or 2 status for their Nissan Figaro, then the re-chroming of the parts chrome parts is a requirement. This video takes you through how to remove the lights, prepare them to be re-chromed and re-installed. Once removed you can send off your lights for re-chroming, or if you want to keep your car on the road The Figaro Shop offer a ‘rotation service’. This allows you to order new handles and remove and return yours.

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Published on 29th September 2017