Rear Arch (repair panel)

The Figaro suffers badly from rust around the rear arches. The front arches are plastic but the rear are metal and due to the design can trap water leading to extremely bad corrosion. We also point out in our Buyers Guide when advising on viewing the car as the cost of repair can be expensive.

The Figaro Shop are one of the leading repair/restoration companies in the UK and using their knowledge have manufactured a repair panel using an original Nissan wing as a template so they are the very best of quality and fitting. There are no other arch panels available which meet the standard of these. They are manufactured exclusively to The Figaro Shop by a specialist metal former who stamps, folds and then shapes the arches to an exact mould using an English wheel. The manufacturer usually creates panel parts for classic racing Bentleys.  Most other arches on the market have been hammered into a rough shape but don’t have the full curves in each direction and require a lot of rework and filling to make them fit.

The arches are sold singularly, they will need professional fitment by a body shop who can weld them into place and respray the arch. Inner arch is not included.

Price – £199.99– Order from The Figaro Shop BUY NOW

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