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Headlight Surround Bezel /  Comments

The existing bezels can become dull over time (especially if the car lives outside). The units can be easily replaced with new ones (costing £25 Oct 2015). Available from Holdcroft – Click here

Rear Arch Replacements /  Comments

It’s a well known fact that the original rear arches suffer badly from rust (the front are plastic!). The club is pleased to announce Colin Bullock (one of our members) has managed to manufacture direct replacements. Specialist tooling has been developed to ensure every arch is perfect! Specialist tools were manufactured to produce these items which he claims match exactly…

Lockable Glove Box Latch /  Comments

Keep your personal items secure with this lockable glove box latch. Any Figaro Key will lock this too! FITTING The lock can be fitted easily by simply removing the existing one and inserting the new one PRICE – AS AT SEPT 2015 RRP: £44.99 Members Club Discount of 10% using code Login here to get code HOW TO ORDER Click…

How to repair the plastic trim around your Figaro /  Comments

A short video from the on how to repair any missing plastic trim around your Figaro for less than £10 and half an hours work!

Seat Foam Insertion /  Comments

Dashboard Repainting /  Comments

The Figaro Dashboard can become dull and dirty, especially around the glove box. There is a solution, however as it can be repainted. The process involves the removal of the complete dash, instruments, gauges and controls. The cost for this as at June 2015 was £250 available from The Figaro Shop

Sound Deadening /  Comments

Here we look at installing Sound Deadening material into your Figaro to reduce unwanted noise reaching the cabin and your ears. Thanks to John Cooper for this article. ABOUT SOUND DEADENING How does sound deadening work? When making your Figaro quieter you have three fundamental ways of stopping the unwanted noise reaching the cabin and your ears. 1 – Stop…

Rear Light Replacement /  Comments

One of the most endearing features of the Figaro is the chrome. However years of rain can cause corrosion which looks unsightly. Also the design is such that water collects in the base of the light and sits here. Here we show you how to replace the rear light fittings. Replacements can be supplied from The Figaro Shop which have been…

Boot Bracket Replacement /  Comments

One of the most endearing features of the Figaro is the chrome. However years of rain can cause corrosion which looks unsightly. Here we show you how to replace those gorgeous top boot hinges. Replacements can be supplied from The Figaro Shop which have been re-chromed. Prices (Sept 2015) Boot Hinge with Cap £85.99 +£10.00 (per side) BUY HERE Club Members will…

Engine Replacement /  Comments

The age of the Figaro means there are many on the road which have done over 160,000 kms (100,000 miles). Nissan do not manufacture a replacement, however this is not an issue as the engine can be removed and replaced with many new parts so the engine is technically new! Here we get some advice from experts in the business…

Bonnet Emblem Replacement /  Comments

Is your bonnet emblem looking tired or worst still missing! Here we show you how you can replace it or fit a new one and where to buy it.  

Strut Brace /  Comments

Improve the handling of your Figaro by fitting a Strut Brace. The brace fits on the existing mounts and is easy to fit with NO adjustment of modification is required. HOW DOES IT WORKWhen you corner, the whole Figaro chassis is twisting slightly. In the front (and perhaps at the back, but not so often) the suspension pillars will be…

Seat Restoration /  Comments

One of the main appeals of the Figaro is its superb leather seats. To keep these in tip-top condition the club works with the Leather Repair Company who produce a range of quality leather care, repair & restoration products. Please REQUEST FIGARO COLOUR when communicating on any products. The company also support the club provided free advice at some of…

Safety Belts Cleaning /  Comments

As the Figaro is over 20 years old most have years of dirt and grim on the safety belts. This can be cleaned so they look like new. Here we show you how!

Seat Piping Repair /  Comments

Here we show you how and where you can get the Figaro seat piping (the strip that runs around the seat) replaced.

Internal & External Renovation /  Comments

This article was published in our March 2013 Newsletter Having brought our Figaro 4 years ago it was starting to look a bit shabby in places with scuffs and marks on the inside in addition to a number of external areas that needed attention. We contacted Toby from The Figaro Shop and asked them to give it a look over…

Dashboard Cover Renovation /  Comments

The Figaro dash top cover can suffer from cracking especially if the car has been left in sunshine. The reason appears to be the breakdown of the original material from UV rays causing the material to crack. This can also be caused by attaching a GPS Suction bracket to it (always use the glass). Unfortunately there is no quick fix…

Seat Re-upholstery /  Comments

The club works with Surrey Trimming Company who specialise in recovering Figaro Seats and can offer special rates for our members! All 4 original piping colours available Supplied and fitted at our workshop in Surrey Made to the same specification and quality as the original covers Front and rear covers available separately or as a complete set (front covers are a…

Roof Replacement /  Comments

The club works in association with European Trimming’s Company Ltd (ETC). The work is carried out at their workshop which is based at 7 Amy Road, Oxted, Surrey, RH8 0PX and takes 3 to 4 hours job so you can leave your car with them in the morning, then go for a wonder around Oxted, have a coffee and breakfast…

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