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CGI Nissan Figaro /  Comments

Enjoy some nice Computer Generated Images of an Emerald Green Figaro by Humster3D. These are designed for the games and film industry for adding cars to scenes. Click here Watch 360 Video  

Figaro Accessories Leaflet /  Comments

The original A6 Figaro Accessories Colour Brochure produced at the time by Nissan. The publication included accessories from the Convenient Group, Goods Group, Jewel Group and even Snob Group! A few of the accessories are still available but most are sold second hand however a few new items have been produced by ‘aftermarket manufacturers’ to replicate the original design.

Options List /  Comments

The list of accessories and options were available at the time of production. Unfortunately many of the items cannot be purchased today and have been discontinued by Nissan. Go to WHERE TO BUY to locate companies that sell these Click here OPTIONS AVAILABLE AT THE TIME OF MANUFACTURE Exterior options Rear side protector Pub mirror Totono Door mirror cover (chrome…

History /  Comments

History and Timeline The Figaro has been referred to as a ‘retro fashion car,’ and was born out of the Japanese ’boutique’ movement in car design. Japanese designer Shoji Takahashi was inspired by Swatch watches – the notion that it was possible to give identical products different casings. How the car came to be… The magpies of the Figaro design…

Specification /  Comments

Specification at a glance Dimensions Interior Width: 1310 mm (51.57 in) Interior Height: 1130 mm (44.49 in) Treadwidth: Front: 1335 mm (52.56 in), Rear: 1350 mm (53.15 in) Riding Capacity: Four people Weight Max laden weight : 1235 kg (2723 lb) Max rolling weight : 1835 kg (4045 lb) Max load (front axle) : 620 kg (1367 lb) Max load…

Marketing Literature /  Comments

The brochures below were taken from the marketing campaign to promote the Figaro.  Nissan Figaro has been referred to as a ‘retro fashion car’, and was born out of the Japanese ’boutique’ movement in car design – sub-compact vehicles (such as Honda’s Beat, Mitsubishi’s Minica Dangan and Suzuki’s Cappuccino) were based on the mechanical components of mainstream cars, but were…

The Designers /  Comments

We have to thank two very special designers who were responsible for the car Shoji Takahashi Shoji also designed the Nissan Pao which like the Figaro had a low volume production run of just 10,000. Also like the Figaro, the Nissan Pao was an instant hit. Nissan had to run a lottery to decide who the lucky buyers of the cars would be. It…

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