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Tyre Sizes /  Comments

Ensure you fit the correct tyres to your Figaro. This guide helps you identify what the numbers mean!

A-Z Technical Ownership Help /  Comments

Our comprehensive Technical Forum provides extensive solutions to thousands of issues.

Cleaning Products /  Comments

As a club we’re always being asked to recommend cleaning products to keep our members cars in tip-top condition? The Figaro has extensive chrome in addition to modern plastics, a fabric roof not to mention those lush leather seats. This list is by no means scientific its just a list of cleaners recommended by our members (and me too)…

Change Disc Brakes /  Comments

If your brakes are feeling a bit spongy or have just lost that bite then it may be worth checking to see the state of your disc pads. Its not a huge job and can be done if you are reasonably practical. Ensure you read and agree to our disclaimer before starting any work! Read now To start, jack the…

Tappet Adjustment /  Comments

Two Videos covers the setting and adjustments of tappets Note: This Video is published by David Freeburn

Top up brake fluid /  Comments

A comprehensive guide with diagrams of how to change your rear combination & license plate bulbs. The is an extract from the Maintenance and Workshop Manual Click here

Check Battery /  Comments

A comprehensive guide with diagrams to help check your battery. Note. This is an extract from the JPZ Maintenance and Workshop Manual for the Nissan Figaro.  A comprehensive 200 page publication which we highly recommend for anyone who owns a Figaro – Read more

Tyre Pressures /  Comments

Note. This is an extract from the Figaro ‘Green Owners Manual. Tyre Size Tyre Pressure Comments 165/70R12 2.0 bar / 29 psi Standard Vehicle Use 155SR12 2.2 bar / 32 psi Vehicles in cold district* Spare Space Saving Tyre 4 bar / 60 psi Worth checking your spare tyre pressure *In Japan, cars in colder climates had different tyres and…

Replace Air Filter /  Comments

A comprehensive guide with diagrams of how to replace your air filter in the engine compartment. This is an extract from the Maintenance and Workshop Manual Click here

Change the Cambelt /  Comments

A major project but some may wish to have a go! The Cambelt and Water Pump requires changing in accordance with the maintenance guide. Most owners would take their car to a garage but some may wish to take this on. The work is complicated and should be carried out only by people with knowledge and skills.

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