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Changing Inhibitor Bush (Starting Problems)

Do you have problems starting your car after leaving it in the park position or do you need to rock it a few times to start it?

If so then it may be that you need to replace (or fit if missing) the small plastic insulator bush which connects the gear selector to the gear box underneath the car. It’s a fairly simple job but does require some patience as you will be working in a confined space!

To start, jack the car up on the near side (passenger side) front (place some wood or bricks under the wheel for safety).
Look under the nearside front bumper and locate the transmission cable connection. The connection should have a plastic insulator bush between the rod and the lever which provides accurate gear selection. Check to see if its missing?
To fit, loosen the retaining cable bracket (this will allow you to pull the rod out) and remove the split pin and rod.  Insert the bush into the hole and then the rod. Place the washer and re-insert the split pin.
If after fitting the problem is not cured you can adjust the cable under the floor directly below the shifter at the very other end of the cable to the bush, it has the same bush with an adjuster like the ones on a bicycle brake

Replacement Bushes can be brought for £4.99 (Sept 2014) from The Figaro Shop


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