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Insurance Advice

As a club we recommend you insure your car with a specialist classic car insurance company. We work with Classicline Insurance who specialise in insuring the Nissan Figaro.  Insuring  a Figaro is not the same as insuring a Fiord Fiesta! The car is over 20 years old, many parts are not available and repair cost can be very expensive. Below we provide some important advice…


1  Ensure that the quotation for your Figaro includes an ‘Agreed Value’.  This is the value you will receive if your car is written off or stolen. The Nissan Figaro is a very expensive car to repair as many parts are specialist and rare so it can become write-off more easily than a Ford Fiesta!

Note – Most mainstream policies provide ‘Market Value” that is only what the insurers engineer can get away with to save the insurer money upon a total loss. If you have this type of policy we can promise you that you will need to fight for the value of what you think your car is worth against what the insurer think its worth. This can be very stressful and involve you in providing proof of equivalent car values. An Agreed Value means exactly that. If your car is valued at £8,000 and stolen you well get a Cheque for £8,000 no questions asked!

2  Take pictures of your car and keep them safe. If your car gets stolen you will need them to help find it and they are vet useful when claiming for loss as they can prove the value of the car.

3  Ensure that you will not exceed any annual mileage limitations stated in the policy as this could be used to reject claims.

All Classic Car Insurance companies will require you to provide an agreed valuation. This can usually be provided by the insurance company for an additional cost or by the Figaro Owners Club for £15.00 Members £25 Non Members Click here


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