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2014 Christmas Caption Competition!

In 2014 we had some fun and asked our members to tell us what Sheri (Canadian Member) is thinking, saying or doing… The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve

Facebook Entries – Click here
Were gonna need a bigger boot
There’s still room for a little Figgy Pudding!
The two benches looked on in envy…
If I had a parking stick I wouldn’t have ended up almost on the bench!
My Figgie made her ‘presents’ known on the 2014 Christmas Figaro rally, and won the £100 prize for bringing along just the ‘bear’ essentials on the trip
Stuffed fig for Christmas anyone?
When I applied for the position of Santa I didn’t realise the sleigh wasn’t part of the deal’ This little Fig will be making lots of journeys this Christmas Eve
Don’t look round I think we are being followed!
It’s a little chilly with the roof down!
Knew I should have got gift vouchers!
Rudolph can retire, Santa!
I know my Figaro is prettier than your sleigh Santa, but you can’t borrow it……
Santa’s figgy helpers!!
Sheri began wondering if that boot tidy might have come in handy after all…
The children gave me there presents for a ride in my Fig
Forum Entries – Click here
What’s that strange beeping sound mean?
You should see what’s in the bottom boot!
Just back from a winter health check-up at The Figaro Shop and picked-up a few items for my Fig whilst I was there!
I think my rear boot struts need re-gassing now!
All these presents and I forgot to get the Figgy pudding!
She think. Now i have enough bumpers for the figgi Rallye to the highlands in scotland
You should have seen the size of the one that got away
Presents in a wonderful present from japan…happy christmas
Cars Help Rudolph? I Suspect That Might Annoy Santa
Fig Is Great – Rudolph’s Oblivious!
Sheri uses her best Christmas present ever to take all the unwanted pressies to the charity shop.
It would have been more sensible to use the estate car, but where is the fun in that?
And the winner of the Figaro Club ‘Guess the number of soft toys in the car boot competition is…,
Oh what fun it is to ride in a 78 horse power figaro sleigh – WINNER KATYK FROM OUR FORUM
REMEMBER. A Fig is for life, not just for Christmas.
What do you mean Santa. Where is now the key…happy searching.
Good things come in small figaro packages!
Hope this weather holds til I’ve dropped this lot off, no chance of the roof going up.
Looks like Sheri picked up a few hitch-hikers on her way through the Rockies
Knew I should have shut the roof before Santa flew over, look what just dropped in!
Should have used the Pao.
Due to the untimely illness of Rudolph; Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dunder, and Blixem, have decided to sub-contract their work out to Sheri from Canada. A spokesdeer for the remaining workforce said today; Rudolph seems to have an infection in his nasal passage. I hope Sheri has checked her cold start valve as the weather in some of the locations can be jolly cold. Sheri commented; it’s just as well Figaro’s are magic!
I drew the line at wearing the suit and beard!
Hope it doesn’t rain..dear!!
What does Santa want for Christmas? A Figaro sleigh station.



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