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Members have access to our Comprehensive Technical Forum which has been running since 2009 and includes over 30,000 technical posts, comprehensive PDF guides & manuals, owner repairs & restorations and much more…

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Ownership Support

  • A-Z Ownership Help
    Over 150 Topics and 15,000 Pots from Aerials to Wing Mirrors!
  • Help Me?
    Here you can post a question to our team on any subject
  • Technical Manuals, Diagrams, Guides & Information
    Here you can read and download a huge amount of information including wiring diagrams
  • ‘How To’ Guides
    Learn how to carry out a range of upgrades and repairs
  • Restore/Upgrade
    Here we list numerous upgrades that can add value to your Figaro
  • Video Help Guides
    With a comprehensive range of videos recorded you can watch how to carry out a range of improvements
  • Product Tests
    The club has even carried out a few product tests which you can read

Members Community

  • Member Introductions
    Introduce yourself to other member and find friends here
  • Picture Board
    Post your Figgy Pics and show off your car here
  • Projects/Renovations
    Post your own projects or read about others here
  • Members Index
    Post your car details here

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