Original Location of Manufacture

Have you ever wondered where your Figaro was made? The car was actually manufactured under licence by a company named Takata (Takada) Kogyo, who was an approved manufacturing partner of the Nissan Motor Company.

We assume the main reason that Nissan choose Takata to produce the Figaro was due to their knowledge of building convertible cars. The company was also commissioned to produce the Be-1 & PAO. Club Member Nigel Tyson contacted us after visiting Japan where he visited the old locations of where your car was probably manufactured.

The pictures show the Takada Kogyo factory in Tokyo where he believed the body panels were made. As you can see they still make various body panels for all sorts of things he didn’t recognise.  Nigel actually flies for an airline so was given special access to go and look at the factory. Unfortunately he didn’t get chance to go inside, these are just pictures from around the side of the factory.  Whilst in Japan he also went to the main Nissan Factory but again wasn’t let in so took pictures of the entrance. It’s clearly a huge factory though.