Options List

The list of accessories and options were available at the time of production. Unfortunately 99% of the items cannot be purchased today and have been discontinued by Nissan.

Exterior options

  • Rear side protector Pub mirror Totono
  • Door mirror cover (chrome plating)
  • Fillet (stainless steel) reception desk set
  • Fillet (stainless steel) rear set
  • Door edge lace (stainless steel)
  • Roof visor (stainless steel)
  • Headlight visor (stainless steel)
  • Floor mats with car name logo (front and rear)
  • Trunk-mounted ski rack (for two ski sets)
  • Body cover (silver-coloured polyester)
  • Accent stripe seeming type (reception desk rear set)
  • Decal kit owners plate (aluminium) Car name logo 1000Turbo character
  • Winter braid Right and left expert 475 mm (18.7 in)
  • Corner Paul Design type
  • Numberplate rim for reception desk (stainless steel)

Interior option

  • Floor carpet (sherbet orange/silver gray)
  • Kick plate (stainless steel)
  • Half seat cover (one knitting ..silver gray.. race part.) gray & orange and suede. preparing.
  • Cushion (rug)
  • Rear window screen (brown with car name logo)
  • Cup holder (one big or regular size can and with putting small articles) (CDs can be stored.)
  • Beige leather covers for steering wheel, shift knob, and parking lever
  • Yashetoboccs Beige (combination skin)
  • Child safety seat (blue/pink)
  • Junior safety seat (blue/pink)
  • Net Shelf
  • Trunk tray (body cover storage band addition)
  • First-aid kit (A/B type emergency set (A case insertion/B backing type)
  • Big bag (seat similar combination skin/A2 size)
  • Staff bag set (seat similar combination skin) (A4/A6 glasses case)
  • Owners bag Seat similar combination (skin)
  • Automobile inspection certificate putting
  • Petit-Cotte Pittorre (carwash and wax cliff articles set)

Other items

  • Car care set (with genuine leather cleaner)
  • Day planner (seat similar combination skin)
  • Handicap mirror (with car name logo)



Image of options