Mandy Hall

I teach High School Students on the Sunny Coast of Western Australia with my husband, Chris, and 10 year old daughter, Sophie.

When I went away for a weekend crafting retreat in a Western Australian country town in September 2016  I had never heard of, or seen, a Figaro. When I saw one for sale in the main street of town it was love at first sight. Maybe it was her pale Aqua Colour, her soft curves, her polo mint wheels, shiny chrome trimmings, cream leather interior or retro style dash.

For 30 years I had wanted a convertible and three times I have nearly v=bought one, but decided it was not he right time, for one reason or another.  I snapped a few photos and went home to begin  my campaign. My husband said “No”.  We all know that means “Yes. I will give in eventually, you just need to try harder.”

Three weeks later my 30 year dream of owning a convertible came true and I brought her home. Meet Chantilly, or Tilly for short. The whole package is just adorable. I felt so happy driving her the 130km home with the top down on a glorious spring day.  I wasn’t quite so happy with the squashed bugs on her face when I got home, but that is one of  the luxury problems of living in Western Australia.

My husband, 10 year old daughter and I  enjoy taking her down the beach for sunset shots and capturing her with some of our stunning flora whilst we are out geocaching.

We have been on our first outing with the  Vintage Car Club of WA. Your vehicle  must be 25 years  to classify so Tilly is very much “the baby” of the Post vintage section. We are looking forward to many more years of fun outings in our happy car.

Published on 17th June 2017