Lorraine Horne

Joining the Fig Family

I’m a newby!  Having admired Figaro’s from afar and gone potty waving like a lunatic every time I saw one, I finally became the very proud owner of a Topas Mist Figaro – Winnie in November 2014.

I did do my homework though, as to have one it meant giving up a BMW company car which was changed every 8 months, a luxury by any standards, so I joined the Figaro Owners Club even before owning one and pored over the Buyers Guide, digested all the tips, what to look out for, what to check and armed with a fridge magnet (to check for fillers!) I set off on my quest.

Having spent nights pouring over the internet and boring my husband silly with adverts of Figaro’s far and wide looking for a new home, I was incredibly lucky to come across Winnie. She was a fresh import from Japan and was undergoing some refurbishment, so when we first met she was a shell with a nasty grubby carpet, no seats, no dash – but her bodywork was beautiful and I knew she was the one!

I discussed and deliberated carpet and dash colours, Clarion upgrades, chrome trims, under-body seals, security alarms and looking after the engine – things I had never needed to even think about before, but soon the day arrived to collect the finished Winnie – I was fit to burst with excitement.

I have to admit that my first drive, was slightly scary – I had only driven new cars for some time and Winnie’s steering and brakes took a little getting used to, we got around the corners eventually, but still I couldn’t stop smiling at all the admiring glances she received.

Since November I’ve had one or two issues with Winnie – nothing serious, just little things, but every time, the first place I go for help and advice is the club forum. It’s amazing how generous and friendly everyone is. Having only ever gone under the bonnet to top up the washer fluid, I was now, replacing instrument lights behind the dash, replacing brake bulbs,  topping up header tanks, brake fluid and engine oil and thoroughly enjoying myself in the process. My latest issue was on leaving work one sunny evening I decided it was time for Winnie’s first ever drive topless! I neatly packed away my roof, dug out the sunglasses for maximum posing and off I set only to hear a loud beep, beep, what have I missed? I pull over do all my checks and set off again…beep, beep…I pull over again and decide there must be an issue, so I put my roof back up…beep, beep…I stop again, put roof down, put roof up, we have a few choice words me and Winnie and again we set off…beep, beep! I end up driving the whole way home, which thankfully is only 6 miles to the irritating beep, beep. On arrival home my first thought is the club forum – How to guide and Yes, there is a whole stream of reasons why my roof sensor is playing up. Having tried various options with the help of all you wonderful people my roof is now silent and we have enjoyed our first proper topless drive (only Winnie!) and it was every bit as enjoyable as I’d imagined.

The club is awesome, and has given me the confidence to tackle jobs I’d never dreamt of, with great links (thank you Simon!) to parts and accessories, generous people (thank you James for my washer cap), to the joy of Figgy Spotting! I’m looking forward to getting to as many events as possible and I can’t wait to meet some of you at my first outing to The Ace Café & the Brighton Incarnation in April.

Published on 15th June 2017