Julie Thornley

My first sighting of a Figaro was in a car park – it was, as they say, love at first sight. I remember writing the name down to look up on the computer when I got home. I just loved the retro styling of the car – the curves, the chrome, the ‘cute’ factor.

Several years later, I took the plunge and bought ‘Audrey’, my gorgeous Topaz Mist Figaro. Feeling proud of my purchase, I decided to write to the previous owners (finding their address in the log book) and it was wonderful to receive a letter from them, hearing about the fun they had had with the car and their fond memories of her.

I think one of the main pleasures of the car is the interest it provokes in people, from people staring and smiling to being questioned pretty much everywhere we go.

Our highlight with Audrey was a driving holiday to France. She did 2,000 miles without so much as a groan and achieved a celebrity status along the way, with various people admiring the car and photographing her.

Why do I love the Figaro? She brings the past into the present, she brings a smile to my face and she makes me feel just that little bit famous. Audrey, we owe you a lot.

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