Jane Ellison-Bates

Double trophy triumph

When Jane Ellison-Bates joined her local classic car club with her yellow Figgy, Suzanna, she certainly did not expect to be collecting two trophies in their annual awards.

The Yorkshire club, Craven Old Wheels, is currently celebrating its 40th year and has over 200 members with some amazing vehicles, so this was no mean feat.

Suzanna was awarded the trophy for the Most Driven Car category for the year, as she is Jane’s every day motor, seen driving round the county as her owner conducts her marketing and PR business.

Not to be outdone by her vehicular pal, Jane was awarded a carriage clock in recognition of writing the Best Magazine Contribution of the year for the club’s quarterly magazine, now on its 220th issue. The winning piece was an account of the Figaro Owners Club trip to Holland which also featured on Jane’s website blog http://www.manifestmarketing.co.uk/figaros-go-dutch/