Instrument Meter Lights LED Upgrade

If you’ve driven your Figaro in the dark and the lighting on both the Speedometer & Tachometer is poor, the chances are it still contains the original tungsten bulbs. Due to the age of the car these can become blackened over time.

The technical reason why the bulbs go black?

When you turn on the lights, the tungsten filament inside the light bulb is heated white hot. After hours at this high temperature, some of the metal “boils off” just like steam from water. The glass container of the bulb is cooler than the metal, so the metal vapour condenses out, again like steam on a window. As the metal boils away, the filament gets thinner and thinner until it breaks. The black colour is a thin layer of tungsten metal on the glass.

The result of this is poor lighting which is very hard to read. The solution is to replace the bulbs but it makes much more sense to upgrade the latest LED’s (light-emitting diodes) as these use less current, are shock proof and last much longer. To do this, you will need to remove the meters to gain access to the bulbs on the rear, remove each bulb and replace with an LED replacement.

LED Specification

Light Colour: White (although you can choose other colours)
LED Type: 5050 SMD
Base Type: T5 Neo Wedge
Base Dimater: 12mm
Working Voltage: 12V DC

You will require 6 (Tachometer – 2 LED’S & Speedometer – 4 LED’S)

Where to buy?
You have choice of trying to buy off the internet by Googling the above Specification or the LED’s are available now through The Figaro Shop

The Figaro Shop
DIY – Set of 6, illuminates both Speedo and RPM dial – £12.00 Buy here
Fitting Cost – The Figaro Shop will charge £60 to fit them, should you require – Email

Watch our Video which takes you through each step

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Published on 8th November 2017