How to polish out marks on your Windscreen Surround

One of the many endearing features of the Figaro is the chrome & stainless steel used throughout the car. One such item is the wide stainless steel trim that runs up the side and along the top of the roof, just in front of the windscreen.

Over the years, this part can suffer from minor scratches, water marks and even acid marks (caused by bird droppings). As this part of the car has no protected lacquer applied to it, you can polish out any light scratches or marks using a Polishing Kit.

We used a kit provided by a company called LB Restoration Services. The process involves using various ‘cutting compounds’ in order with a rotating mop which is connected to a gun-drill. After masking the surrounding area, apply a small amount of Green Compound to the White Stitched Mop, whilst it is rotating and carefully apply to the trim, keeping it in the same direction ‘along’ the trim (like following the grain on wood). Do not keep it still, but keep moving at all times. Do a small area at a time (say 30cm). Then change the mop to the G Quality polishing mop and use the Blue Compound. You will notice, now that the area will start to look highly polished. If there are still marks or stains, repeat the process. Do not be tempted to use the Sisal mop as this is yet more abrasive and could lead to excessive polishing, which could require a lot of work to recover!

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Published on 21st November 2017