How to calculate true Mileage?

The Figaro was manufactured in Japan where Kilometres is the unit of measurement. As the car was never officially exported by Nissan (grey import) if it is driven in countries such as the United Kingdom, United States or Liberia it will require a small modification to comply with local driving laws.

This modification is to fit a small card into the speedo so if you look closely at it, it should have an ‘MPH’ card stuck within the dial. This simply ensures the needle shows MPH in ‘large font’ around the outside making it easier to see what speed your are doing and complying with speed limits.

However, although the speed will be showing in MPH the Odometer (distance log) will still show Kilometres!

Most Figaro owners live with this and when they buy/sell or MOT their car they enter ‘Kilometres’ as the known total distance the car has travelled.

However, some Odometers do show Miles!
To complicate matters further, some cars have a gearing device called a Transducer fitted. This works just like a bicycle gearing system and makes the Kilometres show in Miles. Now the problem occurs if no information was logged before this Transducer was fitted as to calculated the total mileage would require adding up both ‘old Kilometres’ driven and then adding this to ‘new Miles’ driven.

According to Toby Brooks from The Figaro Shop, the transducer could have been used without any sticker or paperwork (when the odometer is almost impossible to work out).

It can be used as follows:

  • With a sticker but not have the odometer reset to the correct miles, meaning you have that inconsistency and it is very hard to trace the miles.
  • At the same time as having the transducer fitted, have the odometer set to the correct mileage so that going forward everything is in miles, this is the clearest way but involves adjusting the clock.
  • With a document drawn up to demonstrate the sum required to work out the mileage when required. Accurate as long as the paperwork is kept safe.

But you can check the mileage by looking at the MOT record of your Figaro at The MOT is only recorded in miles, and it will even tell you when that very first MOT was. But if you have a transducer fitted, it could have been fitted 11 months into an MOT period, in which case the recorded mileage will be different – a mixture of kilometres and miles.

So for now, if you are selling your Figaro and you are unsure what your correct mileage is, because you have a transducer fitted, go with what the odometer reads. At least that way you won’t be underestimating the mileage and potentially misleading the buyer.

Published on 10th August 2017