Headlight and Running Light Upgrades

Danish member Henrik Kromann wanted to share some nice lighting modifications on his Figaro. He decided he’d better change the headlights for right hand driving knowing it would fail its inspection (MOT).

Changing Headlights to Right Hand Drive
After checking up on the various discussions on our Forum, he didn’t find any easy way around it – so set out to find a solution.  It was a challenge finding lights that would fit and had at least a slightly curved glass! Mounting was another challenge – but his mechanic found a way – by cutting off and re-using the back of the original lamps, he managed to fit the new lamps in, whereby avoided having to alter the mounting in the chassis.

The net result looks brilliant and means the car will have no issues passing its inspection.

Adding Running Lights
After the project was completed Henrik turned his attention to installing Running Lights (which stay on all the time). As an alternative to switching our normal lights on during the day (which means 2 x 55 watts of power consumption) he decided to fit LED-lights instead – which only use 2 x 4 watts

Because fitting extra lights to the front would look nasty, Henrik decided to fit them behind the grille. He found some on the internet which fit perfectly in the grille pattern so that each LED shines through its own opening which is near perfectly centred. He grinded a bit off the back side of the grille to fix each light and a single metal wire holds them in place.

He grinded down the middle of the X where the lamp is mounted with about 6-7 millimetre so the lamp’s front cover fitted in. He then secured it with a metal wire vertically between two screws that I drilled into the X on either side –  you can see them here to the left and right of the lamp. It is obviously set in such a way that each of the 4 LEDs in the lamp shines through its own hole in the grill.

At the time of publishing there were two suppliers. One in Denmark: http://procarshop.dk/produkt/1645/nssc-drl—510hp – or you can try this one in France http://www.france-xenon.com/fr/universel/1829-nssc-drl-510hp-3700811514402.html

Or conduct your own search by look for NSSC DRL – 510HP

Published on 25th June 2017