Hand Drawn Personalised Prints

Many thank to Dutch Member Pascal Snel, who sent us information on this company. Although the website is in Dutch, you can see the type of work that Koan can produce.

I’m Koen de Vreeze, illustrator. I’ve always signed up from a young age and after some hassles in office functions, I’ve made my work of my hobby. For me there is no more fun than to be able to draw all day. Illustrations make the world a lot more beautiful and more interesting. Everything is possible in an illustration. It’s a nice addition to, or replacement of, text. A clear message that is clear at one glance.

I focus on the business and the private market. Customized illustrations for your ads, brochures, etc. Your favorite car as a drawing on the wall, drawing a photo, or a comic strip, the possibilities are unlimited. I totally draw my own style. In addition, I have a love for the clear line, like Hergé introduced for Tintin, and I like to work with old pictures of buildings, street life and vehicles.

Take a look around on my website and do not hesitate to call or email. Everything is possible!


Website: http://www.fabriekshuys.nl/

Contact info@fabriekshuys.nl

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Published on 7th October 2017