FigFest 2009

Figfest09 20th / 21st June 2009 – Fritton House – Great Yarmouth

Having driven from High Wycombe (3 1/2 hours) our little Fig was in need of a rest when we reached the venue on mid-day Saturday. A warm welcome from Richard and orange wristband was followed by handing over £40 for two cars and two tents. This is fantastic value for money when you stop to consider it includes all the facilities and evenings entertainment. The afternoon was wet and with the weather against us we pitched out two tents in a superb idyllic location next to a 9 hole golf course. Next time I will bring my clubs! The afternoon was spent dodging rain showers whilst we explored the lovely surroundings. The evening disco and hog roast was a real hit with drink and great music flowing into the early hours. My Son Daniel and his friend Becky made quite an impression on the dance floor! The next day we were all nursing hangovers as we prepared for the convoy.

As we drove into the field we were faced with a fantastic site of around 50 Figaro’s in a large circle around the field. We took our place and chatted to other owners as more and more tuned up at the gate. Around 9.50am the call went out to get into your cars and get your enginesrunning. As the cars made there way down the lane towards the main road th esite of 85 Figaro’s was awesome.

The convoy drove towards Great Yarmouth horns honkingand drivers waving at everyone. The scooter boys did a great job blockingroundabouts to ensure the convoy was not broken. A short stop was followed bythe trip down to the seaside and more honking. The convoy then became a bitbroken as some cars went back and others parked.

The trip back to the field was lead by the scooterboys. Bang on cue the sun came out as we drove into the filed and lined up. Wehanded out our Figaro Owners Leaflets to spread the word and talked to loads ofowners as we exchanged stories.

At 4pm we walked back to the hall for prizes giving. Congratulationsto the following owners of the cars.

  • Best Car of show – FIG 4454 (Nick & Alison)
  • Best Figaro Emerald- FIG6164
  • Best Figaro Topaz- H343 FHG
  • Best Figaro Lapis- J938 PBT
  • Best Figaro Aqua – FIG 8120
  • Best Figaro Custom – ARA 273A
  • Best Cube – AU53 OKW
  • Best Pike Series /Other – S – Cargo

As we packed up our two tents we reflected on a wonderful weekend where we made so many friends. Thanks again Richard & Paul.