Figaros go Jurassic meet 2014

Well the Figaros went Jurassic and they rocked!

Thanks to Suzy Compton for all her help in organising this event in June 2014

We met at Osmington Mills car park on the 29th June, a scenic spot with sea views of Weymouth and Portland. I immediately found out how wonderful it is to see so many Figaros gathered together! We had Figs of every colour, with solar powered waving flowers, colour matched cushions and blankets and even bunting! There was a certain amount of “ooh they’ve got posh mudguards/luggage rack/immaculate chrome/cleanest engine in the world!” comments, before we all set off in convoy. What fun that was, we managed to keep together really well. It was amazing to see so many Figaros in Penny Pink’s rearview mirror, I felt like a very proud mother hen! We all had roofs down, but a brief rain shower had me worried for a minute. By the time I thought about stopping a convoy of 21 cars the rain had stopped.

Soon we arrived at Hardy’s Monument and parked up in front of the telescope-shaped tower. The views were lovely, we could see 60 miles to the Isle of Wight to the East and 40 miles to the West. Having entertained a few Sunday walkers and taken lots of photos we set off again in glorious sunshine. The convoy wended it’s way down narrow countryside lanes with beautiful views and pretty villages. We arrived at the coast at West Bexington, still pretty much all together! What fabulous driving from all the owners!

We enjoyed lunch at The Manor while the cars sat impressively in the grassy car park with sea views. At 2pm we set off again, onto the lovely coast road heading towards Weymouth. It was harder to keep the convoy whole here but we managed pretty well. Beautiful views of Portland, the Fleet and Abbotsbury entertained us on the way. Then we negotiated the outskirts of Weymouth and drove right through the town and all the way along the Georgian seafront. We were even featured on the local radio station, Wessex FM! Finally we parked up on the forecourt of the Pavilion in a lovely long line of lusciousness!

I would like to thank all the owners who brought their beloved cars, Happy, Beep-Beep, Miss Moneypenny, Mozart and all the others! Some people drove a very long way to join us! Thank you all for making the day such fun, we made everybody smile, we even had some cheers!

All in all we had a fantastic time, here’s to the next one!