Figaro Birthday Fun Run 2013

London & Surrey Figaro Owners 22nd Birthday Fun Run – Sunday 17th February 2013

The day started in glorious sunshine at Tattenham Corner pub on Epsom Downs where we met with Nick and Simon (The Figaro Doctor) and 10 other Figaros. After a photo shoot and a quick catch up we set off to MacDonald’s Bucks Barn Services, south of Horsham on the A24 where 6 more figs and their owners were waiting.

After a much needed coffee refuel we then proceeded to cruise down to Shoreham Airport. With the convoy now at 16 it was difficult to keep together but as luck had it Nick took the wrong road to the airport and had to do a U-Turn allowing everyone to catch up and wave to each other!

Shoreham Airport is the location for a stunning Art Deco building steeped with character and history. We all managed to park together before making our way to the restaurant for a superb meal. A group photo shoot was taken outside the building and summed up the day with a cheerful wave from everyone.

The original plan was now to convoy down to Madeira Drive however due to a Marathon the road was closed until 16.00 so it was decided to go Brighton Marina instead. Simon led the convoy but due to the traffic lights unfortunately it ended up being broken up. Some figs were lost-in-action and we could not park at the Marina as it was heaving with people!

We decided to drive back along Marine Parade, park and have a stroll up the Pier. What a wonderful end to cracking day.

Many thanks to Nick and Simon again

The Birthday Run celebrates 22 years old birthday as on 14 February 1991, Nissan announced that they were to release 20,000 Figaro cars.