Donington Historic Festival 2014

Thanks to all our members who attended this years Donington Historic Festival. They were blessed with wall to wall sunshine and a couple of members where lucky enough to race around the track in the club parades.

Figaro Vs Aston Martin!
Member John Cooper writes… “The parade round the track was a great experience, racing an Aston Martin down the straight in front of the grandstand was brilliant. We came out the chicane together and we entered the right hander as we exited the straight together! Even in that short straight I was going just under 80.

Okay so it wasn’t really a race, but the Aston driver and I were chatting earlier going round the track. Only in England do you find a traffic jam on a race track. His wife liked my Figgy, I did offer to swap but for some reason he wasn’t as keen.

We did the parade in two lines and the Aston was next to me, and on the last lap I managed to
out-brake him and get to that right hand bend first which was single file, and waved at the
Aston Martin Club as I went past, just as the Aston driver had done on the previous laps.
Priceless. But all in good fun, and the sun shone all day”