Dashboard Top Renovation

The Figaro dash top cover can suffer from cracking especially if the car has been left in sunshine. The reason appears to be the breakdown of the original material from UV rays causing the material to crack. This can also be caused by attaching a GPS Suction bracket to it (always use the glass). Unfortunately there is no quick fix of magic bullet. Trying to apply a filler that matched the colour and texture would be very difficult. If your eye keeps going to that crack the only option is to have the dash recovered!

This is not a DIY project as it involves total removal of the dash which is a complicated and difficult job (see 112 pictures below). We recommend approaching a dealer who has previous knowledge of the work involved.

Price – The cost of renovation to the Dash Board Top is £449.99+VAT for fitting and the part itself.

Our club car was renovated by The Figaro Shop Click here

Below is a breakdown of the tasks involved and 112 pictures

Image – Task
0394 – Removing the 10mm nut covers to gain access, carefully prise off
0396 –  Pull off heater knobs
0398 – Carefully box all parts for re assembly
0400 – 5 Screws hold the steering column cowling on. Watch for aftermarket switches and alarm wiring
0401 – removal of cowling, prise apart
0402 – Stereo removal, 2 large screws either side
0403 – Stereo 2 small screws
0406 – Unplug multi plug connector and aerial from rear of stereo
0410 – Removing stereo panel, 8 screws.
0414 – Stereo panel
0418 – Carefully prise down and pull out stereo panel
0419 – Disconnect boot pop switch
0420 – Remove door seal rubbers
0421 – Very common dash split appears on most cars, the dash is still reasonable well supported without this.
0422 – 2 x Torx bit bolts either side
0425 – 5 x 12mm bolts support steering column, remove and gently let column drop down, leave keys in ignition with steering lock not on. This will ease access
0430 – The rest of the steering column bolts
0435 – Behind dropped steering column remove this plastic pipe
0437 – Unplug wire from heater controls, sits behind where stereo used to be
0442 – Unscrew 1 screw holding heater control arms to dash
0443 – 10mm nut removal on top of dash x 2
0446 – 2 person job, gently lift and then pull back on dashboard, be careful of any tangled wire
0459 – Out it comes
0461 – Carefully rest dashboard on a stand to begin changing top part
0466 – Remove heater pipes marked ‘L’ and ‘R’
0469 – Gently pop out centre vent covers x 2, these are very brittle
0473 – Pop out end air vents, from rear of dash and push through
0475 – Remove all screws in cavity as well as the similar ones which screw in from behind along the edge that used to sit against the windscreen
0481 – Gently manipulate dash top off
0483 – Reverse process with new or refurbished dash top
0487 – 2 people carefully feed dash back in, this is always a bit fiddly
0488 – Make sure to gently get the 2 guide holes back over the studs
0495 – Refit torx bolts; carefully this is the most fragile area
0497 – Refitting all the fixings that were removed
0499 – refitting air pipes
0505 – Continuing re fit trim
0506 – Raise steering column and re fit cowling
0509 – Refit stereo panel and stereo
0513 – Refit door seals
0516 – Check all switches and buttons

Give a good clean, stand back and admire your work….