Clarion CD/Radio Video

Those of you familiar with the Figaro’s original car stereos will be delighted to learn that Clarion have developed a sophisticated CD/Radio for the Figgy that addresses some of the originality failing features. Many of our recent refurbishments have included a new Clarion CD/Radio system that combines CDs and MP3s with beautiful crystal clear FM radio quality.  Other popular features also include Bluetooth, 200 Watt speakers and an active subwoofer.

In this video guide, we will show you how to get the best out of your stereo system – from how to adjust the base & treble and the stereo balance, to how to hear local traffic reports and how to use the RDS system to auto-tune to the strongest signal of your current radio station when driving between different reception areas.

Read/Download Instruction Sheet for 109MP3 Version – Click here
Read/Download Instruction Sheet for 306 Version – Click here

Note: This Video is published under license provided by The Figaro Shop