Video Tutorials

The club have produced dozens of Videos over the years which will help you carry out a comprehensive range of ownership issues, enhancements and repairs. Listed in an A-Z Order…

A/C LED 'ON/OFF' Upgrade Video

The existing A/C indicator is very dull and is hard to see. There are two options to upgrades… Purchase complete PCB KIT £20 This Kit is manufactured by member Andy Knowles Payment: Either via PayPal using or Bank Transfer to: Acct. No. – 00042539 – Sort code – 11-08-80… Read More
Published on 24th February 2017

Anti Freeze & Tyres Video

This 2 Minute Video shows you exactly how to check the anti freeze levels and your other winter checks in addition to tyre checks for tread and perishing. Note: This Video is published under license provided by The Figaro Shop… Read More

Battery (Flat) Video

This is one of the most frequent distress calls that we receive – especially if the car is in “Park” when the battery goes flat. The problem is that you will need to put the car into neutral before you can move it or manoeuvre it onto a tow truck… Read More

Bleeping (what it means) Video

If you want to know what problem your Figaro is reporting from the sound of the beep, then you need to learn to speak Figgy! Fortunately, help is at hand and our 2 minute Figgy language training course will teach you all you need to know! Note: This Video is… Read More

Brakes (how to check) Video

A video which shows a guide on how to check front and rear brakes on a Nissan Figaro. Expert guidance on knowing when the pads, shoes, discs and also sliders are worn on this floating style caliper. Note: This Video is published under license provided by The Figaro Shop… Read More

Chrome Handle Surround Kit

Made by The Figaro Shop this is a 3 piece kit to help tackle shrinking door cards and roof liners.The kit comes with two plates for behind the inner door handles and 1 for the roof handle. They can be fitted in seconds and can transform a sorry looking interior. Comes… Read More

Chrome Trim Repair

The chrome strip running all the way around the car can suffer from problems. The main issue is the perishing of the plastic seat between the car and the chrome trim. As the rubber becomes old it tends to lift and separate from both and at worst case hang out… Read More

Clarion CD/Radio Video

Those of you familiar with the Figaro’s original car stereos will be delighted to learn that Clarion have developed a sophisticated CD/Radio for the Figgy that addresses some of the originality failing features. Many of our recent refurbishments have included a new Clarion CD/Radio system that combines CDs and MP3s… Read More

Cleaning Chrome Trim Edges

If you look closely you may see a dirt line running up each side of the gorgeous chrome trim that surrounds the car. This can be removed by making a small wooden wedge and by using a duster to get into the area. Watch our short video… Read More

Door Handles (re-chroming) Video

For those owners looking to create a Category I or 2 status for their Nissan Figaro, then the re-chroming of the chrome parts is a requirement. This video takes you through how to remove the handles, prepare them to be chromed and re-installed. Once removed you can send off your… Read More
Published on 22nd October 2017

Drain Holes (how to clean) Video

The top rear boot is a ‘WET BOOT’. The design allows a small amount of water to enter the car. Within the plastic tray is two drain holes which are connected to plastic tubes. It is important to test that there is no dirt or muck in these tubes which… Read More

Fan Belt (Noisy) Video

How to solve a squealing sound after start up! There are few things more annoying than the whine of a noisy Figaro alternator belt! This can be caused by it coming loose or perishing through age etc. This video shows you how to tighten the fan belt and how to… Read More

Front Light (Eyelid fitting) Video

You may have seen some Figaros with extended eyelids. These look great, polished stainless with a peel-off protective plastic coating. Easy to fit with instructions. They will have the same chrome look as the headlamp surrounds but will keep that shine for longer with no chance of peeling. You can… Read More

Gear Box Oil (Checking) Video

Prevention is cheaper than the cure and this is especially true when it comes to Figgy gearboxes. It’s important that there is always enough oil in the gearbox as this can help to prolong its life, as well as making gear changes feel smoother. Our 2 minute Video will teach… Read More

How to polish out marks on your Windscreen Surround

One of the many endearing features of the Figaro is the chrome & stainless steel used throughout the car. One such item is the wide stainless steel trim that runs up the side and along the top of the roof, just in front of the windscreen. Over the years, this… Read More
Published on 21st November 2017

Ignition HT Leads (Changing) Video

The Ignition Leads or HT Leads are one of the most common items that tend to go wrong on a Figgy. The symptoms include bad running and misfires and very often simply replacing these leads will cure these problems. Note: This Video is published under license provided by The Figaro… Read More

Light Bulbs Changing Video

This 2 Minute Video shows you how to change the light bulbs on your Figaro. Note: This Video is published under license provided by The Figaro Shop. Read More

MOT Checks Video

This 2 Minute Video shows what you need to check before you put your car in for an MOT. Note: This Video is published under license provided by The Figaro Shop… Read More

Preparing (long trip/driving in Europe) Video

A guide to the preparations needed in order to drive your Nissan Figaro in Europe. If your going on a road trip you Fig will need to be ready for the trip. Note: This Video is published under license provided by The Figaro Shop… Read More

Rear Lamp/Light (re-chroming) Video

If you you take a close look at your rear light surrounds, chances are, the shine may have dulled over time and in some cases pealing of the chrome coating may have occurred. This video takes you through how the lights can be removed, re-chromed and re-installed. This Video takes… Read More
Published on 19th October 2017

Roof (how to open/close) Video

Club founder Kevin Fagan takes you through the process and points out some useful tips when putting your roof up or down on your car. This Video is published by The Figaro Owners Club… Read More

Rust Protection Video

If you drive your Figaro in wet conditions we highly recommend you get it treated with Waxoyl or an equivalent product. The original design of the car with its deep cavities is an ideal breeding ground for rust especially in areas along the under door seals. In wet conditions salt… Read More

Starts in 'Neutral' not 'Park' Video

This is one of the most common problems if your car will not start when left in park. It is down to a very small plastic collar the size of a pound coin called an ‘Inhibitor Bush’. This wears out over time and then effects the transmission cable. Read More

Switches & Controls Video

This 2 Minute Video shows you what each switch and control does. Note: This Video is published under license provided by The Figaro Shop… Read More

Tool Kit

The Figaro Tool kit is included in every car as standard. If this or parts are missing we recommend buying them just in case you breakdown! Included in the bag should 1 x Tow Hook, 1 x Screwdriver (Phillips/Flat), 1 x Jack Handle, 1 x Wheel Jack, 2 x Spanners… Read More

Wheel Maintenance Video

This 2 Minute Video shows you how to check your wheels. Note: This Video is published under license provided by The Figaro Shop… Read More

Winter Checks Video

This 2 Minute Video shows you how to top up and maintain the following fluid levels: Radiator – water and antifreeze levels Engine – oil levels Power Steering – fluid levels Brakes – brake fluid Gear Box – gear box oil Windscreen Washer – water and screen cleaner Note: This… Read More