Restorations & Upgrades

Read about how our members have restored or upgraded their Figs. Members are invited to feature their cars here too. Simply contact the club with your story and pictures. Click here

Headlight and Running Light Upgrades

Danish member Henrik Kromann wanted to share some nice lighting modifications on his Figaro. He decided he’d better change the headlights for right hand driving knowing it would fail its inspection (MOT). Changing Headlights to Right Hand Drive After checking up on the various discussions on our Forum, he… Read More
Published on 25th June 2017

Stuart Cleverly

£800 brought off E bay! The breakers yard didn’t really know what it was, and had purchased the car from someone in Manchester with no history, only the V5 & one (original) key, and the Mot expired in 2013. After jumping the car, it started first time!, inside was ruined,… Read More

Jörg Nittke

Colani the Figaro … Together with my wife I went to the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey in 2010 where I saw a Figaro parking in a street. Not knowing what car it is, I did some research It came out that it was a Figaro. It finally took… Read More
Published on 10th June 2017

Nick & Helly Robinson

Read about this extensive renovation carried out on a shoestring of a budget! Background Regular forum users will be aware of this car as Nick updated us every few weeks with pictures and information. What is amazing is not only the shear dedication to complete the project but the… Read More

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