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Cruise Control

USA club member Phil Auldridge carried out this modification. Phil lives in Texas and often has a 10 hour drive from Austin (Center of Texas) west to El Paso at legal speeds of up to 85 mph so cruise control is a highly desirable upgrade! Phil has documented how he… Read More
Published on 13th April 2017

Wing Mirrors (Powered)

Club founder Kevin met this member at the Ace Cafe 2017 meet where he was showing off his rather nifty powered wing mirrors! Using a standard Ford controller and motors he explains how he did it too. Enjoy some more pictures of his car… Read More
Published on 13th April 2017

Ace Cafe 2017

Bring me sunshine! Wall-to-wall sunshine with temperatures hitting 24 degrees made for one of the most successful meets ever at this iconic venue. This was the club’s 7th visit and like past events, some members travelled hundreds of miles (or should we say kilometres) to attend. 56 Figs, 2 x… Read More
Published on 9th April 2017

April 2017 Newsletter

I really hope this provides some much-needed ‘BREXIT relief’ and you have my word that there’s no mention of Article 50 in this Newsletter! Just lots of pictures of figs, stories of figs and event to go in a fig! Winters over and it’s getting closer to that time of… Read More
Published on 1st April 2017

Belinda Wanless

I first met the Figaro in 2006 when I happened to catch a bit of ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’ on TV.  I had a little bronze Fiat Punto at the time… just and A to B car….and there on the TV was something far more interesting and exciting. By March… Read More
Published on 30th March 2017

Production Numbers

The Nissan Figaro was manufactured between February 1991 and December 1991. We were kindly provided this information by Member Mark Dodd. VIN RANGE (Vehicle Identification Number) FK10 – FK10-000051 (First) -FK10-020123 (Last) – 20,073 total production run PRODUCTION DATES 1991 February – 1,622 1991 March – 2,037 1991… Read More
Published on 29th March 2017

Seat Cover & Cushion

Beautiful hand made custom made Figaro cushions and seat throws.  One throw and cushion (feather pad) per set. This is a seat cover with lovely detailing and the cushion to match which has a feather pad so all good quality. Different patterns and colours coming soon. Price: £35 a set… Read More
Published on 28th March 2017

Window Stickers/Information Labels - English Translation

Ever wondered what some of those information labels and window stickers around the vehicle say? Here we have translated them into English to provide important information in addition to clarifying what some of the more obscure stickers mean. CAR COATING STATEMENT – LOCATED ON REAR WINDSCREEN Sticker state’s the special… Read More
Published on 20th March 2017

FIGARO - Retro, rare and reliable

This diminutive classic car never fails to turns heads, appealing to men, women and children of all ages across the world with its cute curves and vintage style. Read More
Published on 18th March 2017

Figgyworld March 2017/Iss 9

Published: 1st March 2017 Issue No: 9 Contents: This edition include contributions from Toby Brooks, Simon Smith, Tracy Hill, Patrick & Valerie Dutriewicz, Belinda Wanless, Rob Janssen, Ursula Pressmar, Ann Wardrop, Steve Marciniak, Stuart Cleverley, Mary Simcox, Mandy Hall, Tina Taylor, Nazzareno Calandriello, Sharon & Chris Foulkes, Dubravka… Read More
Published on 1st March 2017

A/C LED 'ON/OFF' Upgrade Video

The existing A/C indicator is very dull and is hard to see. The processes involved in upgrading it to a much brighter one. The modification costs only £2.59 (as at Feb 2017) and further information and links to parts can be found on page 34 of the Issue 9 March… Read More
Published on 24th February 2017

26th Birthday Fun Run 2017

To celebrate the cars 26th Birthday (Feb 14th 1991) Members of the Figaro Owners Club and Nissan Figaro Owners Club Facebook Page meet on a cold and wet Sunday! Kicking off at Epsom Downs with 15 Figs we made our way in convoy down the A24 into Old Barn Garden… Read More
Published on 13th February 2017

February 2017 Newsletter

Our February 2017 Newsletter is out Following some stirling work from ‘Nic Caraccio’ of The Figaro Doctor fame we can now settle a popular  pub argument amongst Figaro Owners once and for all! According to the DVLA as of the 30th September 2016 there were officially 3,933 Figaros in the… Read More
Published on 1st February 2017

DVLA Confirm 3,933 Figaros in UK

Its official! On the 30th September 2016 the DVLA confirmed that Nissan Figaro is not listed on the DVLA vehicle database as a model name BUT there was 3,933 Vehicles starting with VIN FK10 ( Figaros) and less the. This figure was 4,172 broken down in the letter below. Thanks… Read More
Published on 10th January 2017

Club adds Net Shelf to Accessories

his is a really useful addition to the car and not only looks great but also creates some much needed space for phones, glasses and more… The Shelf comes with all fittings and instructions. Tools Required… Masking Tape, Phillips Driver, Drill, 7mm Drill, Level and Araldite!… Read More
Published on 4th January 2017

January 2017 Newsletter

Our January 2017 Newsletter is out A belated ‘Happy New Year’ and a very warm welcome to our January 2017 Newsletter. Over the festive period in addition to eating to much I did manage to spend some valuable ‘down time’ working on the new club website which is getting closer… Read More
Published on 1st January 2017

Happy Figmas Video Out

We would like to wish all our members, supporters and fans of the car a very happy Christmas. Kick back with a glass of sherry and a mince pie and enjoy our Christmas video that we hope may bring back some great memories of 2016… Thanks a million for all… Read More
Published on 24th December 2016

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