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February 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to our February 2018 Newsletter! At this quiet time of year it’s always a struggle to find interesting stories and thankfully Steve Newbold and Jim MacDougall came to the rescue. The story of Leah really did bring a tear to my eye, what a wonderful touch by member Julie… Read More
Published on 1st February 2018

What Fuel Should I Use?

We asked owner of The Figaro Shop, Toby Brooks to comment on one of the hottest subjects when owners buy the car; What octane number should I put in my Figaro? The argument on fuel types for Japanese cars has rolled on for years. There probably isn’t… Read More

January 2018 Newsletter

Good Morning, A belated Happy New Year! If you’re an X-Factor fan you might have caught site of a lovely pink figgy entering the stage last month. It created some great publicity for the car and thanks has to go to Toby Brooks and his team from The Figaro Shop… Read More
Published on 7th January 2018

Figgyworld December 2017/Iss 12

Published: 11th December 2017 Issue No: 12 Contents: This 60 page (11thedition) includes three events, two technical help articles, member stories, new discount codes, events updates, members gallery, figgyworld archive and much more… Thanks again… Toby Brooks, Julie Janes, Colin Palmer, Simon Bell, Camilla Dwyer & Joanne Firek-Uprichard, Jorg… Read More
Published on 11th December 2017

How to polish out marks on your Windscreen Surround

One of the many endearing features of the Figaro is the chrome & stainless steel used throughout the car. One such item is the wide stainless steel trim that runs up the side and along the top of the roof, just in front of the windscreen. Over the years, this… Read More
Published on 21st November 2017

Seat Gap Filler

We think this is a nifty little product, so decided to include it in our Accessories Listings. The product was found at the NEC Classic Motor Show 2017. We all drop items and food down the side of our seats! The item fits neatly between the console and seats filling… Read More
Published on 18th November 2017

NEC Classic Motor Show 2017

For the 5th time at this fantastic event the club set-up camp to spread some figgy-love. Club founder, editor and general tea maker Kevin takes up the story of a hectic 3 days… Read More
Published on 16th November 2017

Yorkshire Figaro Rally wins NEC Classic Car show award

Our clubs Yorkshire Figaro Rally 2017 outshone even California in the category Best Club Run/Rally at the Classic Car Show awards on 10th November at the NEC. Left to right – Dave Youngs – Car Club Manager of Lancaster Insurance, Kevin Fagan – Figaro Owners Club Founder, Jane Ellison-Bates… Read More
Published on 16th November 2017

Jeff Elson

US Member Jeff Elson commissioned The Figaro Shop to create this wonderful example. The stunning example has a mere 4,800 km or 2,983 miles and being one of only 2,000 made in the Topaz Mist shade makes this car a very special find, possibly the rarest Figaro remaining. The… Read More
Published on 15th November 2017

Instrument Meter Lights LED Upgrade

If you’ve driven your Figaro in the dark and the lighting on both the Speedometer & Tachometer is poor, the chances are it still contains the original tungsten bulbs. Due to the age of the car these can become blackened over time. The technical reason why the bulbs go black?… Read More
Published on 8th November 2017

November 2017 Newsletter

Good Afternoon , We are delighted to bring you our new ‘Mobile Friendly’ Newsletter which contains the usual mix of club news, events, new products, technical & owner updates and member stories… . Members son loses battle with Cancer We heard some tragic news last week. Toby Davis has lost… Read More
Published on 7th November 2017

Original Location of Manufacture

Have you ever wondered where your Figaro was made? The car was actually manufactured under licence by a company named Takata (Takada) Kogyo, who was an approved manufacturing partner of the Nissan Motor Company. We assume the main reason that Nissan choose Takata to produce the Figaro was due to… Read More

Figaro Information Display Posters

If you enjoy displaying your Figaro at events why not print off these handy A4 or A2 Posters. The posters include answers to common questions in addition to specification & build data.  Both include QR Barcodes providing a direct link to our website. We have two size options: A4 Posters… Read More
Published on 29th October 2017

Wiper Restoration

A simple job that required just a 12mm spanner and can of spray paint! To remove, simply pull the black plastic clip up to exposing the 12mm Nut. Using a socket set remove the nut. Now pull the wiper up and give it wiggle to remove. You will notice that… Read More
Published on 28th October 2017

Door Handles (re-chroming) Video

For those owners looking to create a Category I or 2 status for their Nissan Figaro, then the re-chroming of the chrome parts is a requirement. This video takes you through how to remove the handles, prepare them to be chromed and re-installed. Once removed you can send off your… Read More
Published on 22nd October 2017

Rear Lamp/Light (re-chroming) Video

If you you take a close look at your rear light surrounds, chances are, the shine may have dulled over time and in some cases pealing of the chrome coating may have occurred. This video takes you through how the lights can be removed, re-chromed and re-installed. This Video takes… Read More
Published on 19th October 2017

Patrick Light

Club member Pat Light sent in these pictures following some extensive cleaning. He spent 3 days on his Figaro hand painting his grill and polishing ‘Hattie’ within an inch of her life! 3 DAY CLEANING PROGRAM Day 1 I bought a load of Meguiars cleaning products, Ultimate wash and wax,… Read More

Hose Kit (Turbo Silicone Upgrade)

According to the supplier, this is a Silicone replacement hose kit, which far exceeds the quality of the original genuine Nissan parts, will help eliminate any boost leaks and on top of that improve the looks of your engine. Leaking boost pressure causes noise, low power, bad running and eventually… Read More
Published on 8th October 2017

Hand Drawn Personalised Prints

Many thank to Dutch Member Pascal Snel, who sent us information on this company. Although the website is in Dutch, you can see the type of work that Koan can produce. I’m Koen de Vreeze, illustrator. I’ve always signed up from a young age and after some hassles in… Read More
Published on 7th October 2017

October 2017 Newsletter

We are delighted to bring you another ‘BUMPER’ monthly newsletter which contains the usual mix of club news, events, new products, technical & owner updates and member stories…  See one of the most stunning cars ever…    The club has been busier than ever and we’re now planning our largest… Read More
Published on 30th September 2017

Rear Lamp/Light (re-chroming)

If you you take a close look at your rear light surrounds, chances are, the shine may have dulled over time and in some cases pealing of the chrome coating would have occurred. This is an age old problem and up until now the only solution was to live with… Read More
Published on 29th September 2017

Cornwall Figaro Rally 2017

Organised by club member Patrick Light, this event took place on the 3rd – 7th September 2017.  24 cars and 38 people attended the event. Day 1 Was the welcome night at 7pm where everybody was given their name badges and their welcome packs and we had a meeting explaining… Read More
Published on 26th September 2017

Peter Warnell

Every year I buy my wife a Figaro calendar at Christmas as a stocking filler and ever since her first one it’s been her ambition to get a photo of her beloved car into one. Hence whenever we’re out somewhere vaguely picturesque out comes the camera… Read More
Published on 3rd September 2017

Dave Eve

With the addition of portholes, quilted white diamond leather & cup holders member Dave Eve takes his Figaro Refurbishment to extreme levels! The old-time story of boy meets girl, girl meets Figaro and they fall in love. “with the Figaro” I might add! About 15 years ago we spotted… Read More
Published on 2nd September 2017

Figgyworld September 2017/Iss 11

Published: 1st Sept 2017 Issue No: 11 Contents:  This 60 page (11thedition) includes three events, two technical help articles, member stories, new discount codes, events updates, members gallery, figgyworld archive and much more… Thanks again… Toby Brooks, Simon Smith, Dave Eve,… Read More
Published on 1st September 2017

CarFest North 2017

Figs a hit at CarFest North – Again! Once again over the weekend of the 29th/30th July an intrepid quintet of Figaros led by member Ken Graham, made their way to the beautiful setting of Bolesworth Castle in Cheshire to attend CarFest North, the brainchild of Radio 2’s… Read More
Published on 14th August 2017

Peter Worrell

A road trip from Norfolk, UK to Schaffhausen, Switzerland – 4th June 2017. What do a group of woodwind instrument makers do when they want to go on a trip? They visit other instrument makers! An invitation from Kung recorder makers was made last year when 2 of the makers… Read More
Published on 12th August 2017

How to calculate true Mileage?

The Figaro was manufactured in Japan where Kilometres is the unit of measurement. As the car was never officially exported by Nissan (grey import) if it is driven in countries such as the United Kingdom, United States or Liberia it will require a small modification to comply with local… Read More
Published on 10th August 2017

August 2017 Newsletter

We are delighted to bring you our latest ‘BUMPER’ monthly newsletter which contains the usual mix of club news, new products, technical updates and owner stories. Technical Forum now back online! I was pulling out what little hair I have over this. Can I apologies again for the nightmare… Read More
Published on 5th August 2017


As every Figaro owner knows carpets in these great little cars can let them down a bit. They are nearly always faded and often seem to sport stains and cigarette burns which are very hard to remove. Over the years different dyes have been available but the finishes and… Read More
Published on 4th August 2017

King of the castle

We’re still reminiscing about this year’s annual club rally in the Yorkshire Dales. It was a lovely surprise to receive this new video dedicated to our visit to the magnificently preserved medieval fortress, Skipton Castle. As she sun shone to welcome us to the town, 49 members in 25 Figs… Read More
Published on 3rd August 2017

Sharon Rudnick

My name is Sharon and I am a new Figaro owner, living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I purchased my Figaro (emerald green) in Southern California from another Figaro enthusiast Mitch Braiman, proud owner of ‘Mr. Figgy’ (Lapis Grey), in May of 2017. My sister-in-law, Dydia Delyser,… Read More
Published on 31st July 2017

July 2017 Newsletter

We are delighted to bring you our latest monthly newsletter which contains the usual mix of club news, technical updates and owner stories. Yorkshire Figaro Rally 2017 Video – Out Now With super-long figgy convoys, wonderful scenery, silly outfits (and dancing) get ready for some unadulterated figgy fun. Read More
Published on 1st July 2017

Headlight and Running Light Upgrades

Danish member Henrik Kromann wanted to share some nice lighting modifications on his Figaro. He decided he’d better change the headlights for right hand driving knowing it would fail its inspection (MOT). Changing Headlights to Right Hand Drive After checking up on the various discussions on our Forum, he… Read More
Published on 25th June 2017

Figgyworld June 2017/Iss 10

Published: 22nd June 2017 Issue No: 10 Contents: Published: 23rd June 2017 this 10th edition includes a bumper ‘24 pages’ on our amazing Yorkshire Dales adventure! In addition, we include the Holland & Dorset 2017 Rallies, a very low mileage Figaro, an Irish adventure, lots of members stories &… Read More
Published on 22nd June 2017

Miles Matulions

My 194 km Figaro My search for a Fig began last fall when just by chance I happened to see a cute Lapiz Grey Fig driving towards me. Just by chance the owner happened to pull up right beside me when I was stopped at a red light. So I… Read More

Jill Stephens & Ian Mckeen

Jill’s Figgy Rosalita, an epic story of blood, sweat, tears and a very racy love affair with a 26 year old. It was in the winter of 2007. The winter of discontent you might say. We were sat in a local pub when Jill looked out of the window and… Read More
Published on 19th June 2017

Mandy Hall

I teach High School Students on the Sunny Coast of Western Australia with my husband, Chris, and 10 year old daughter, Sophie. When I went away for a weekend crafting retreat in a Western Australian country town in September 2016  I had never heard of, or seen, a Figaro. When… Read More
Published on 17th June 2017

Lorraine Horne

Joining the Fig Family I’m a newby!  Having admired Figaro’s from afar and gone potty waving like a lunatic every time I saw one, I finally became the very proud owner of a Topas Mist Figaro – Winnie in November 2014. I did do my homework though, as to have… Read More
Published on 15th June 2017

Poly Bushed Arm Kits (Improves Handling)

Remove that ‘jelly feeling’ from the rear suspension by exchanging the original ‘rubber bushes’ fitted on the suspension trailing arms for ‘polyurethane bushes’. available from just £149.99 a set. The Figaro Shop fitted a set to our club car ‘Belle’ and we can confirm that that there is a dramatic… Read More
Published on 12th June 2017

Dorset Figaro Rally 2017

17 Figaros Explore Dorset – Sunday 11th June South West Chapter Coordinator Suzy Compton takes her fellow members out for the day, taking in some Dorset cream teas, ice creams and spectacular scenery. Sunday 11th June and seventeen Figaros of all almost every colour gathered in the sea view car… Read More
Published on 11th June 2017

Irish Figaro Event 2017

The First Figaro Event – Here’s the Craic Let’s make it clear from the very beginning. There’s no other car like Figaro to me. It has nothing to do with all the attention the car gets everywhere I go or with the admiration for its rarity. It’s the way she… Read More
Published on 10th June 2017

Jörg Nittke

Colani the Figaro … Together with my wife I went to the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey in 2010 where I saw a Figaro parking in a street. Not knowing what car it is, I did some research It came out that it was a Figaro. It finally took… Read More
Published on 10th June 2017

Yorkshire Figaro Rally 2017

This event took place from 1st – 4th June 2017. In 2017 our club won an award for this rally outshining even California in the category Best Club Run/Rally at the Classic Car Show awards on 10th November at the NEC. The calibre of our annual rally caught the attention… Read More
Published on 7th June 2017

Holland (Chapter) Figaro Rally 2017

Holland Chapter Coordinator Brigitte Van den Broak reports on another brilliant rally in sunny Holland 26 Figs turned up (24 from Holland and 2 from Germany) to attend our 6th annual rally which took place on Sunday the 4th of June in the Netherlands. There were a lovely mix of… Read More
Published on 4th June 2017

Lisa Ellis

I first saw a Figaro on a trip to Whitby, I loved it so much I stopped to take a photo. Little did I know that I would get engaged that weekend and that my then wonderful husband to be would buy me a Figaro 2 years later. I’ve… Read More
Published on 30th May 2017

May 2017 Newsletter

Last month, I expressed my real hope that in 2017 the club will see a tangible increase in ‘event activities’ after our initiative last year to create Regional Chapters. Well as they say, ‘the proof is in the pudding’ and with no less than seven events below we are pleased… Read More
Published on 20th May 2017

The Figaro Shop Open House & Rally to Stonor Park County House 2017

Organised by The Figaro Shop this event took place on Sunday 14th May 2017. It’s not often you get the chance to look under the Figaro in the company of experts! Over 50 owners jumped at the opportunity to learn more about their cars. The event included unrestricted access to… Read More
Published on 15th May 2017

Figgies at Felbrigg 2017

Thanks to Helen Crowter (FOC Eastern England Chapter Coordinator) for organising this day out on Sunday 7th May 2017. The weather was not as kind as hoped, it was really cold and windy at Winterton (appropriately named it seems!) but at Felbrigg it wasn’t so windy so they were still… Read More
Published on 11th May 2017

Scotland Chapter ‘Spring Meet-Up and Drive Out’ 2017

On Sunday 30th April at 10am ten Scottish chapter members assembled at Dobbies Garden World in Dalgetty Bay, Fife before heading up the Fife Coastal Tourist Route through the ‘East Neuk of Fife’ for lunch in Pittenweem, then heading to the Tay Road bridge where we said our farewells. Two… Read More
Published on 1st May 2017

Cruise Control

USA club member Phil Auldridge carried out this modification. Phil lives in Texas and often has a 10 hour drive from Austin (Center of Texas) west to El Paso at legal speeds of up to 85 mph so cruise control is a highly desirable upgrade! Phil has documented how he… Read More
Published on 13th April 2017

Wing Mirrors (Powered)

Club founder Kevin met this member at the Ace Cafe 2017 meet where he was showing off his rather nifty powered wing mirrors! Using a standard Ford controller and motors he explains how he did it too. Enjoy some more pictures of his car… Read More
Published on 13th April 2017

Ace Cafe 2017

Bring me sunshine! Wall-to-wall sunshine with temperatures hitting 24 degrees made for one of the most successful meets ever at this iconic venue. This was the club’s 7th visit and like past events, some members travelled hundreds of miles (or should we say kilometres) to attend. 56 Figs, 2 x… Read More
Published on 9th April 2017

April 2017 Newsletter

I really hope this provides some much-needed ‘BREXIT relief’ and you have my word that there’s no mention of Article 50 in this Newsletter! Just lots of pictures of figs, stories of figs and event to go in a fig! Winters over and it’s getting closer to that time of… Read More
Published on 1st April 2017

Belinda Wanless

I first met the Figaro in 2006 when I happened to catch a bit of ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’ on TV.  I had a little bronze Fiat Punto at the time… just and A to B car….and there on the TV was something far more interesting and exciting. By March… Read More
Published on 30th March 2017

Production Numbers

The Nissan Figaro was manufactured between February 1991 and December 1991. We were kindly provided this information by Member Mark Dodd. VIN RANGE (Vehicle Identification Number) FK10 – FK10-000051 (First) -FK10-020123 (Last) – 20,073 total production run PRODUCTION DATES 1991 February – 1,622 1991 March – 2,037 1991… Read More
Published on 29th March 2017

Seat Cover & Cushion

Beautiful hand made custom made Figaro cushions and seat throws.  One throw and cushion (feather pad) per set. This is a seat cover with lovely detailing and the cushion to match which has a feather pad so all good quality. Different patterns and colours coming soon. Price: £35 a set… Read More
Published on 28th March 2017

Window Stickers/Information Labels - English Translation

Ever wondered what some of those information labels and window stickers around the vehicle say? Here we have translated them into English to provide important information in addition to clarifying what some of the more obscure stickers mean. CAR COATING STATEMENT – LOCATED ON REAR WINDSCREEN Sticker state’s the special… Read More
Published on 20th March 2017

FIGARO - Retro, rare and reliable

This diminutive classic car never fails to turns heads, appealing to men, women and children of all ages across the world with its cute curves and vintage style. Read More
Published on 18th March 2017

Figgyworld March 2017/Iss 9

Published: 1st March 2017 Issue No: 9 Contents: This edition include contributions from Toby Brooks, Simon Smith, Tracy Hill, Patrick & Valerie Dutriewicz, Belinda Wanless, Rob Janssen, Ursula Pressmar, Ann Wardrop, Steve Marciniak, Stuart Cleverley, Mary Simcox, Mandy Hall, Tina Taylor, Nazzareno Calandriello, Sharon & Chris Foulkes, Dubravka… Read More
Published on 1st March 2017

A/C LED 'ON/OFF' Upgrade Video

The existing A/C indicator is very dull and is hard to see. There are two options to upgrades… Purchase complete PCB KIT £20 This Kit is manufactured by member Andy Knowles Payment: Either via PayPal using or Bank Transfer to: Acct. No. – 00042539 – Sort code – 11-08-80… Read More
Published on 24th February 2017

26th Birthday Fun Run 2017

To celebrate the cars 26th Birthday (Feb 14th 1991) Members of the Figaro Owners Club and Nissan Figaro Owners Club Facebook Page meet on a cold and wet Sunday! Kicking off at Epsom Downs with 15 Figs we made our way in convoy down the A24 into Old Barn Garden… Read More
Published on 13th February 2017

February 2017 Newsletter

Our February 2017 Newsletter is out Following some stirling work from ‘Nic Caraccio’ of The Figaro Doctor fame we can now settle a popular  pub argument amongst Figaro Owners once and for all! According to the DVLA as of the 30th September 2016 there were officially 3,933 Figaros in the… Read More
Published on 1st February 2017

DVLA Confirm 3,933 Figaros in UK

Its official! On the 30th September 2016 the DVLA confirmed that Nissan Figaro is not listed on the DVLA vehicle database as a model name BUT there was 3,933 Vehicles starting with VIN FK10 ( Figaros) and less the. This figure was 4,172 broken down in the letter below. Thanks… Read More
Published on 10th January 2017

Club adds Net Shelf to Accessories

his is a really useful addition to the car and not only looks great but also creates some much needed space for phones, glasses and more… The Shelf comes with all fittings and instructions. Tools Required… Masking Tape, Phillips Driver, Drill, 7mm Drill, Level and Araldite!… Read More
Published on 4th January 2017

January 2017 Newsletter

Our January 2017 Newsletter is out A belated ‘Happy New Year’ and a very warm welcome to our January 2017 Newsletter. Over the festive period in addition to eating to much I did manage to spend some valuable ‘down time’ working on the new club website which is getting closer… Read More
Published on 1st January 2017

Happy Figmas Video Out

We would like to wish all our members, supporters and fans of the car a very happy Christmas. Kick back with a glass of sherry and a mince pie and enjoy our Christmas video that we hope may bring back some great memories of 2016… Thanks a million for all… Read More
Published on 24th December 2016