Why I love my Figaro?

With most members giving their cars a name, owning a Figaro is not like owning a Ford Focus! Here our series asked the question… Why I love my Figaro? Published in alphabetical order here we tell you why. If you would like to get your story published why not tell us ‘why you love your Figaro’.

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Alan & Sheen Harvey

Figaros make us smile. Occasionally seeing one in London, and smiling despite being in yet another traffic jam, led us to buy ours 10 years ago. In 2005, UK imports weren’t common but we found a private seller an hour’s drive away, and a proper look at the car’s special… Read More

Belinda Richardson

Why I love my Figaro? Is it her big round headlights, curvy lines, oversized chrome switches and dials, or the soft cream leather seats all wrapped up in those dolly mixture paint colours. YES to all! Read More

Brian Akre

No car I have ever driven elicits as many smiles, waves and thumbs-up as my little Figaro. It’s rolling sunshine — a bright, happy little car. It’s not for everybody. It’s slow. Its design is a bit feminine, with its curvaceous lines and pastel shades. It is terminally cute, yet… Read More

Carla Wells

Just the thought of my beautiful Figaro MayBelle brings a big smile to my face. This transcends onto everybody she meets, it’s the ‘MayBelle affect’. Life is all about experiences and adding to the movie strip in your mind, the adventures I have had with MayBelle have created so many. Read More

Dawn McCarthy-Simpson

To explain why I adore my Figaro, ‘Betty’, is like trying to explain the chemistry with a newfound partner, a parent’s love for a child, it’s impossible to express in words… she’s a part of me and I just do. Yes, she looks fantastic, exuding elegance and class, but it’s… Read More

Fran Clark

I used to work in Halifax and on my way to work occasionally saw a green Figaro, I had no idea what I was looking at but knew I wanted one of these quirky cars.  Unbeknown to me, my partner Jeremy had listened to me raving about this little car… Read More

Gillian Warnell

Odd, quirky, different – but enough about me what about my car? They say owners can look like their pets (Sharon in Eastenders and Roly anybody?) but can a car adequately represent them and their personality? Well there certainly is an argument to say so given the tasteless and brash… Read More

Helen Robinson

My car ‘Foxy’ is the perfect car, ideal to drive as its automatic no fiddly gears and clutch to deal with.  Small enough for me and the occasional guest in the passenger seat, parking is a doddle.  Having such a good heater makes driving with the top down fantastic whatever… Read More

Julie Thornley

My first sighting of a Figaro was in a car park – it was, as they say, love at first sight. I remember writing the name down to look up on the computer when I got home. I just loved the retro styling of the car – the curves, the… Read More

Ken Graham

Three reasons – it’s so unique, it’s so similar…., and you become a member of a tremendously friendly Figaro family. I’d never been a ‘car club’ person. Although I had always liked the Figaro and always took time to go and have a close look at any I saw. I… Read More

Lisa Ellis

I first saw a Figaro on a trip to Whitby, I loved it so much I stopped to take a photo. Little did I know that I would get engaged that weekend and that my then wonderful husband to be would buy me a Figaro 2 years later. I’ve… Read More
Published on 30th May 2017

Paul and Elizabeth Hodgkinson

We had been spotting the odd fig around locally for years and listening to my wife’s comments about how she loved the look and how cute they were. So after some secret research about them I managed to source a topaz mist one locally that had been cherished by its… Read More

PF Mayes

Not long ago, we decided to get a ‘toy car’ for a bit of fun at the weekends when the sun shone. My immediate thoughts were for an MGB roadster with chrome bumpers and wire wheels – something a bit butch that maybe would need a bit of regular spanner… Read More

Rob Janssen

I love the Figaro because of its practicality, looks and absolute trouble-free driving combined with modern technology without the hassle of huge bills for repairs. If well maintained they can last forever!!!… Read More

Wendy Rose

I’ve had my beautiful Connie for a year and a half now.  She’s very much like me: Mostly old fashioned with a few modern features, discrete but quirky, with a desire for mischief and fun! I first caught a glimpse of one of these cute and gorgeous cars while at… Read More