The Figaro has a very interesting and quirky history. Referred to as a ‘retro fashion car,’ it was born out of the Japanese ’boutique’ movement in car design. Japanese designer Shoji Takahashi was inspired by Swatch watches – the notion that it was possible to give identical products different casings.

Around 1988 the magpies of the Figaro design team took all the best and shiniest bits from a variety of European cars and fused them into an almost-cartoon whole. There’s something there to remind you of just about every classic car you have ever seen. An Austin Healey specialist provided the grille, a Vauxhall one the chrome and some panels are Ford Popular, others vintage Routes. Owners may become used to pensioners approaching to say ‘I had one of those in the sixties!’

Picture above was taken during the 1989 Tokyo Motor Show when the car was first revelled to an excited public!

Nissan Figaro Accessories Leaflet

The original A6 Figaro Accessories Colour Brochure produced at the time by Nissan. The publication included accessories from the Convenient Group, Goods Group, Jewel Group and even Snob Group! A few of the accessories are still available but most are sold second hand however a few new items have been… Read More

Nissan Figaro Marketing Literature

The brochures below were taken from the marketing campaign to promote the Figaro.  Nissan Figaro has been referred to as a ‘retro fashion car’, and was born out of the Japanese ’boutique’ movement in car design – sub-compact vehicles (such as Honda’s Beat, Mitsubishi’s Minica Dangan and Suzuki’s Cappuccino) were… Read More

Nissan Figaro Memorabilia

Some of the original documentation supplied with the car including labels attached at the time of delivery, handbooks, parts manuals plus marketing literature including the original promotional imagery and more. Kindly supplied by Graham Foulston… Read More

Options List

The list of accessories and options were available at the time of production. Unfortunately 99% of the items cannot be purchased today and have been discontinued by Nissan. Exterior options Rear side protector Pub mirror Totono Door mirror cover (chrome plating) Fillet (stainless steel) reception desk set Fillet (stainless steel)… Read More


Below is the official specification and technical data for the car Vehicle Info Model: Nissan FigaroModel Number: E-FK10 Chassis Number: FK10-00XXXX Manufacturing Date: Between March – September 1991 Vehicle Type: Passenger Vehicle Model Type: 2-Door Coupe Maximum Speed: 160km/h (estimated) Weight Gross Vehicle Weight (kg):… Read More

The Designers

We have to thank two very special designers who were responsible for the car Shoji Takahashi Shoji also designed the Nissan Pao which like the Figaro had a low volume production run of just 10,000. Also like the Figaro, the Nissan Pao was an instant hit. Nissan had to run a lottery to… Read More

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