How to calculate true Mileage?

The Figaro was manufactured in Japan where Kilometres is the unit of measurement. As the car was never officially exported by Nissan (grey import) if it is driven in countries such as the United Kingdom, United States or Liberia it will require a small modification to comply with local… Read More
Published on 10th August 2017


Below is a list of companies known to provide replacement Parts for the Figaro. PLEASE REMEMBER – Don’t forget to mention The Figaro Owners Club The Figaro Shop Richs Sidings, Lower Bradway, Didcot, OX118AG. Phone: 01235 812511 Email: Website: Comprehensive range of… Read More


Search for companies who sell, restore, repair and service the Nissan Figaro... Read More


If you’re searching for beautiful but affordable classic car for your big day, look no further. A Figaro makes an excellent Wedding or Special Events Car! Below are a selection of providers who may be able to help you. Vinnie’s Vintage Vehicles Amaya” (‘night rain’ 雨夜) is our… Read More