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Breakdown Flare

The Figaro was supplied with a breakdown flare. Now just why Nissan choose to provide this ‘marine type emergency signalling technique’ is a point for discussion but like so many other quirky items on this vehicle it’s just another reason to love the car! The handbook provided has an article… Read More

Engine Bay

Below is a useful diagram to help identify the important parts within the Engine Bay… Read More

Fuse Box

The fusebox can be found in the drivers side, below the steering wheel on the right. As the information is written in Japanese we have provided a helpful translation label which you can print-off and attach to the fuse box. Read More

How to calculate true Mileage?

The Figaro was manufactured in Japan where Kilometres is the unit of measurement. As the car was never officially exported by Nissan (grey import) if it is driven in countries such as the United Kingdom, United States or Liberia it will require a small modification to comply with local… Read More
Published on 10th August 2017

How to find your Key Code on Key

In case you ever lose your key we highly recommend you make a note of your 4 digit Key Code and keep this safe! The key code will be required to match the key with your lock barrel. Read More

How to find your VIN Number

Every car or truck since the 1981 model year has a unique 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) filled with important details, ranging from its engine type to where it was built. The VIN is like a car’s Social Security number. Here we show you where to find it and other… Read More


Due its age, the Figaro is classified as a ‘Classic Car’ so main stream insurance companies will not insure it. Also, if they did insure the car it would only be a ‘like for like’ bases which means in the event of a claim they will only offer you a… Read More

Insurance Valuations

To guarantee that your Figaro is properly insured it is important to get it valued. This will not only ensure that you are completely covered should the worst happen, it could also save you money in the process. As the Official Nissan Figaro Owners Club we are authorised by Insurance… Read More

Lower Boot Tray

The lower boot tray was an optional extra so not all cars will currently have one. The item slides in and out on top of the spare wheel and creates a neater storage area. The compartments were designed to accommodate optional Nissan items. Read More

Nissan Figaro Information Display Card (A4)

This information card includes 20 fascinating facts about the Figaro and is ideal for placing in your windscreen when you are visiting events and meetings (or even parked on the road). Very useful for keeping in the car. Read More

Options List

The list of accessories and options were available at the time of production. Unfortunately 99% of the items cannot be purchased today and have been discontinued by Nissan. Exterior options Rear side protector Pub mirror Totono Door mirror cover (chrome plating) Fillet (stainless steel) reception desk set Fillet (stainless steel)… Read More

Paint (Interior Panel Ivory)

With the Figaro now over 25 years old its only natural that the inside will have suffered from lots of scruffs and marks over the years. In addition many cars have issues with the interior panels becoming stained or going sticky.   They need to be thoroughly cleaned, we use… Read More

Paint Codes

The Figaro was produced in 4 main body colours and colour code is printed on your VIN plate. However this code will be meaningless to many body spray shops. BODY COLOUR NISSAN COMPOSITE CODE PAINT CODE EMERALD GREEN 6K8 JK2 PALE AQUA 6K9 DH5 LAPIS GREY 7K0 WK4 TOPAZ MIST… Read More

Parking Stick

The Parking Stick allows you to see the front of the car when parking and is a very interesting accessory to own as it always draws questions when the car is parked. Just why you would need this addition guide to park such a small car is a debatable subject… Read More

Production Numbers

The Nissan Figaro was manufactured between February 1991 and December 1991. We were kindly provided this information by Member Mark Dodd. VIN RANGE (Vehicle Identification Number) FK10 – FK10-000051 (First) -FK10-020123 (Last) – 20,073 total production run PRODUCTION DATES 1991 February – 1,622 1991 March – 2,037 1991… Read More
Published on 29th March 2017

Roof Operation

Simply press the opener switch which is located on the right hand side of the centre console. Press and unlock each of the hardtop fixing locks above head. Open the boot lid and ensure the straps are clear. Carefully pull the roof back using the lever. Fix the hood and… Read More

Security Issues

Theft of Figaro’s and Figaro parts and accessories has been on the increase and it may be appropriate to review security precautions on your vehicle. Firstly, it’s amazingly easy to get into a Figaro essentially because it has frame less windows and it’s a convertible. Once inside – a thief… Read More

Spare Wheel

The yellow emergency Nissan Figaro Spare wheel is supplied as standard. The wheel is designed to be used only while the picture is being repaired. It’s good practice to occasionally check the air pressure which should be 4.2kg/cm2. When the tyre is fitted the vehicle height is lowered slightly so… Read More


Below is the official specification and technical data for the car Vehicle Info Model: Nissan FigaroModel Number: E-FK10 Chassis Number: FK10-00XXXX Manufacturing Date: Between March – September 1991 Vehicle Type: Passenger Vehicle Model Type: 2-Door Coupe Maximum Speed: 100mph – 160km/h (estimated) Weight Gross Vehicle… Read More

Switches & Controls Video

This 2 Minute Video shows you what each switch and control does. Note: This Video is published under license provided by The Figaro Shop… Read More

Tool Kit

The Figaro Tool kit is included in every car as standard. If this or parts are missing we recommend buying them just in case you breakdown! Included in the bag should 1 x Tow Hook, 1 x Screwdriver (Phillips/Flat), 1 x Jack Handle, 1 x Wheel Jack, 2 x Spanners… Read More

What Fuel Should I Use?

We asked owner of The Figaro Shop, Toby Brooks to comment on one of the hottest subjects when owners buy the car; What octane number should I put in my Figaro? The argument on fuel types for Japanese cars has rolled on for years. There probably isn’t… Read More

When was my Figaro manufactured?

You can establish the ‘Month’ and ‘Year‘ of manufacture? First locate your VIN Number (see below) which as an example will be like FK10-004551. Now only using the last 6 digits (004551) input this into the SEARCH BAR – Click here You will be provided with Full VIN,… Read More

Winter storage tips for your Figaro

During the winter season many Figaro owners put their pride and joy under wraps. And rightly so. The increased moisture and salted roads here in the UK can wreak havoc on our roof and bodywork and eventually an onslaught of corrosion will ensue. Hopefully with our winter storage tips for… Read More