When the car was sold the first owner would have received a Service Manual, User Guidebook, A4 Roof Instruction Sheet and various Warning Labels attached to parts of the car (see below). Over time it’s normal for these to go missing as the car was passed on.  Today you can buy a number of 3rd party Owner Handbooks (not written by Nissan) including; Maintenance Guide & Workshop Manual & Owners & Buyers Guide. In addition Members can access dozens of specific PDF information guides on a wide range of topics. Click here

Insurance Valuations

To guarantee that your Figaro is properly insured it is important to get it valued. This will not only ensure that you are completely covered should the worst happen, it could also save you money in the process. As the Official Nissan Figaro Owners Club we are authorised by Insurance… Read More

Nissan Figaro Accessories Leaflet

The original A6 Figaro Accessories Colour Brochure produced at the time by Nissan. The publication included accessories from the Convenient Group, Goods Group, Jewel Group and even Snob Group! A few of the accessories are still available but most are sold second hand however a few new items have been… Read More

Nissan Figaro Buyers Guide

Published by the club this Online (PDF) Guide will be emailed to you within minutes and is a comprehensive guide to buying a Nissan Figaro. The guide is divided into 30 sections and covers what should be included as ‘standard’ with the car, what to look for, key inspection areas,… Read More

Nissan Figaro Information Display Card (A4)

This information card includes 20 fascinating facts about the Figaro and is ideal for placing in your windscreen when you are visiting events and meetings (or even parked on the road). Very useful for keeping in the car. Read More

Nissan Figaro Marketing Literature

The brochures below were taken from the marketing campaign to promote the Figaro.  Nissan Figaro has been referred to as a ‘retro fashion car’, and was born out of the Japanese ’boutique’ movement in car design – sub-compact vehicles (such as Honda’s Beat, Mitsubishi’s Minica Dangan and Suzuki’s Cappuccino) were… Read More

Nissan Figaro Memorabilia

Some of the original documentation supplied with the car including labels attached at the time of delivery, handbooks, parts manuals plus marketing literature including the original promotional imagery and more. Kindly supplied by Graham Foulston… Read More

Nissan Figaro Owners Manual

The club recommends JPNZ Manuals. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Owners handbook for the Nissan Figaro. This 103 page handbook has been translated from the original Japanese handbook into English and is very professional with full illustrations. These handbooks are great to compliment your vehicle and add value for resale. Sections… Read More

Nissan Figaro Parts Catalogue

Nissan Figaro Parts Catalogue is a comprehensive 168 page publication which contains every part number of the car. Many (but not all) parts can still be purchased through official Nissan Dealers or see our PARTS section for more information. If you would like to purchase one then we suggest… Read More

Nissan Figaro Roof Operational Card

The car was supplied with a roof operational card as standard. Written in Japanese but does contain many cartoon style images which are useful. Watch Video and learn more Click here… Read More

Nissan Figaro Service Book/Warrantee Card (Original)

The car was supplied with a service/warrantee book as standard. This extensive publication includes a Green Warrantee Card on page 2 plus comprehensive information of what is required for routine servicing and a number of blank template forms for the entry of a service with tick boxes and date information. Read More

Nissan Figaro Workshop Manual

The club recommends JPNZ Manuals. Workshop manual for the Nissan Figaro 1991 all models. This manual has been translated from the original Japanese manual into English and is very professional with full illustrations. This manual is 201 pages Sections covered: Nissan Figaro overview General maintenance Engine mechanics Engine lubrication Transmission… Read More

Owner Support

Members have access to our Comprehensive Technical Forum which has been running since 2009 and includes over 30,000 technical posts, comprehensive PDF guides & manuals, owner repairs & restorations and much more… Join Club Ownership Support A-Z Ownership Help Over 150 Topics and… Read More

Production Numbers

The Nissan Figaro was manufactured between February 1991 and December 1991. We were kindly provided this information by Member Mark Dodd. VIN RANGE (Vehicle Identification Number) FK10 – FK10-000051 (First) -FK10-020123 (Last) – 20,073 total production run PRODUCTION DATES 1991 February – 1,622 1991 March – 2,037 1991… Read More
Published on 29th March 2017

When was my Figaro manufactured?

You can establish the ‘Month’ and ‘Year‘ of manufacture? First locate your VIN Number (see below) which as an example will be like FK10-004551. Now only using the last 6 digits (004551) input this into the SEARCH BAR – Click here You will be provided with Full VIN,… Read More

Window Stickers/Information Labels - English Translation

Ever wondered what some of those information labels and window stickers around the vehicle say? Here we have translated them into English to provide important information in addition to clarifying what some of the more obscure stickers mean. CAR COATING STATEMENT – LOCATED ON REAR WINDSCREEN Sticker state’s the special… Read More
Published on 20th March 2017

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